Android Abandoned?

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Re: Android Abandoned?

Postby Joe_H » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:36 pm

They may reevaluate the use of ARM at some point, just like they do for sources already in use. So for today they are not using ARM/Android, probably will not be using it in a few months time, but a year or more in the future that might change.

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Re: Android Abandoned?

Postby bruce » Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:45 pm

IF an ARM client is ever pursued again, the Sony software may be an appropriate starting point. I understand that it is now Open software. The unanswered questions include:
1) Who will support this development.
2) How to integrate the Sony leader-board minutes with the points system used by FAH.
3) How to integrate the micro-WUs produced by ARM with the much more complex FAH WUs.
4) What do do about the Quick Return Bonus.
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Re: Android Abandoned?

Postby Darth_Peter_dualxeon » Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:26 am

It's weird that people think they can do anything that needs this high performance, on a small smartphone.
Phones are not intended for that. Okay, a current smartphone has probably better performance than a desktop had a decade ago. (I mean, 4-8 core processors, some GB of RAM and a small GPU that drives a small fullHD display)
Probably my phone could do all what I did on my old Pentium 4 desktop, doing all the learning in the university classes back then, and doing some science stuff. (except a decent screen diameter)
But, people have to realize that smartphones are weak in price to performance ratio as well as overall performance. (not to mention, running stuff like that will use up the battery, heat up the whole thing and even the USB3.0 connector or a 2 amper 5 Volt charger won't be enough for much)
Phones are for having them in the pocket as a useful tool (calculator, map, web browser, and of course communication) and not meant to do high performance computing.
The only involvement of my phone in folding is that I use it as a wifi hotspot. :lol:

Even some laptops do not really like 100% cpu load at near 100 Celsius for long time (or, at least I don't want to risk an 1200$ laptop with that). As laptops are mostly meant for doing office stuff and light gaming. And the size of cooling fans is limited.

Properly configured gamer desktops and workstations / servers are the things which tolerate such abuse as 100% load for 24/7, with good power supply and good cooling and better price to performance ratio.
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Re: Android Abandoned?

Postby tssmith2002 » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:04 pm


I don't want to restart the debate about whether ARM phones are appropriate or not. I have both phones and single board computers in sufficient quantity and am willing to spend the power and hassle of running them to support FAH in whatever capacity possible IF it were still possible. @Joe_H confirmed above that users who had reported both here and in OpenWRT forum recently that they were running FAH on ARM devices were not getting WU now.

Personally, I think that this would be a good project for Google Summer of Code or lets see, a software developer with an enforced idle time sitting sitting around the house trying to not go stir crazy. :) I think that for some of single board computers that are typically running 24/7 now, I wouldn't worry about micro-WU. I would focus on getting GROMACS and OPENMM and all of the other science apps to run well on ARM and just let it fly.

Thanks for the responses.
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Re: Android Abandoned?

Postby adapt » Fri Apr 24, 2020 12:58 pm

I confirm - installed the APK on a few phones - s9, s9+, the screenshot below is from s9+, has been running for >10hrs and I can't see any increased cpu gain and the device is not getting warm. hope it saves people time downloading this, would be cool if this could be updated and made available in google play store

Image Image
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