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Re: 128 threads and low PPD

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:21 am
by Neil-B
MeeLee wrote:I doubt many are busy with dumping WUs that won't utilize the GPU fully.

... so do I ... but then neither would I hope many were scripting dumping wus that didn't utilise cpu fully - which was the implied statement above that I responded to and that you appeared to feel was defensible?

I have no issue with dumping when necessary but I take issue with dumping when it us simply due to low utilisation on any type of slot which is what was stated .. and tbh a scripted approach as was mentioned for a8 on 128 core slot will dump every a8 wu downloaded which will mess up qrb just as quickly if not more so than a gpu script - i mentioned that simply to point out that if the dump by script approach were to take root then there would be significant implications for all types of slots