Priority conflict with Emsisoft AntiMalware

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Priority conflict with Emsisoft AntiMalware

Postby Durew » Fri Nov 23, 2018 1:21 pm

Dear all,

tl;dr How do I lower the base priority of the FAH cores from 4 to 1?

Around the time I started to allow F@H (v 7.5.1) to use the GPU as well. This turned out to be a bad idea as I would seemingly randomly be unable to start new programs. After a lot of digging, logging and pestering poor support employees I found the issue. My anti-virus/anti-malware software was patrially conflicting with EAM. What happend was this: F@H with GPU enabled would use all system resources, with a base priority of 4. Part of the EAM update sequence runs at a base priority 1. (These can be viewed via process explorer.) Thus EAM managed to get part of it's update process under the priority of F@H. This the led to the updates being very, very slow leading to the problem I experienced. (I think I know how but it is not relevant here)

Thus I'd like to know, can the base priority of the FAHcores be reduced to one? Either by me or during an update of the client? (I hope that EAM will set their relevant thread priority to two or four.)


P.S. for those who need it:
Windows 10, up to date, 64-bit
F@H 7.5.1, priority: lowest possible
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950M
intel core i7-5500U CPU
Cooling not too great, unknown cause (dust has already been eliminated as a cause)
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Re: Priority conflict with Emsisoft AntiMalware

Postby bruce » Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:44 pm

FAH is designed to use all available resources at a very low priority -- and 4 is, in fact a very low priority. I don't think it's possible to alter that setting.

The GPU task is doing I/O to/from the GPU, so it should be running at a higher priority than compute-bound low priority tasks, such as CPU folding, which may be running at a lower priority than 4. (I've never checked.)

The only things running at a base priority of 1 are processes that are classified "don't really need to be completed" Perhaps you should talk to your AV supplier.

FAH will upload results periodically and download new assignments periodically. If you set next-unit-percentage to 100, there will be a brief pause between the completion of one WU and the start of the next one. That may or may not be enough to eventually complete the priority 1 task.

If FAH is NOT running on the GPU, how much of the processor gets allocated to your AV?
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