Ubuntu 19.04 no Python 2 support?

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Ubuntu 19.04 no Python 2 support?

Postby MeeLee » Sat May 04, 2019 3:54 am

Seems like I'll have to find ways to install Python 2 in the latest Ubuntu.
In 18.04 Python 2 was supported, but not installed.
In 18.10 it was possible to also install it.
I am going to check tonight if 19.04 supports the older Pyhton (it comes with python 3 by default).

It is significant as it's part of the dependencies of FAH.
Python 2 might be discontinued in further builds; and unless there's some sort of backdoor support for it, it'll be more difficult to install.

And since there's little development being done on FAH, we might be stuck with the latest LTS (which is 18.04-2), with support until 2023.
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