Linux/Windows - how to only work on COVID-19?

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Re: Linux/Windows - how to only work on COVID-19?

Postby Orcadian » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:36 am

bruce wrote:Assuming you have your prefernece seto to ANY:
If you fold with your GPU, you're most likely to get COVID19 assignments based on the priorirty set at the server.
If you fold with your CPU you will certainly get a non-COVID19 project.
If you fold with both, you'll get both types of projects.

I'm a newbie; just installed Folding last night. My PC is lightly used and I want to offer its spare resources to help with Covid-19 specifically. It sounds from Bruce's remarks like the best way to ensure this is to offer my GPU only. At the moment the CPU sems to be doing all the work. How do you set Folding up to run on GPU only? I've looked in Web Control and Advanced Control but cannot see any way of adjusting this. Thanks. Alison
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Re: Linux/Windows - how to only work on COVID-19?

Postby DemonfangArun » Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:44 am

Advanced control ->configure -> slots -> select cpu, click remove, then save.

That said, there are supposedly CPU ones for COVID-19 as well, it's just really hard to get anything at the moment. I have 3 CPU slots and 2 GPU slots across a couple machines, and I'm lucky if any 2 have work at a given time. Give it a couple days, things will smooth out.

At the very bottom, as of the time of this post are all the A7 (CPU) projects
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Re: Linux/Windows - how to only work on COVID-19?

Postby bruce » Thu Mar 19, 2020 5:35 am

First,, it's the scientists that select which projects are distributed, not the donors. Second, they've already given all of the COVAID-19 projects higher priorirty than Cancer, Alzheimers, etc Third, by misinterpreting the function of the project-key, you have guaranteed that your client won't be getting the assignments you want. I don't know who suggested that setting to you but it's not helping. Remove it.

As has been said in many other topics, the servers are overcommitted so you may not get assignments promptly. Moreover, the number of clients attempting to fold far exceeds the ability of the scientists to generate new Work Units, so (for a second reason) you may not get assignments promptly. But at least your project-key setting will stop interfering with getting any assignment.
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Re: Linux/Windows - how to only work on COVID-19?

Postby Joe_H » Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:35 am

jonfen801 wrote:I am using the following config file, however only one of my GPUs works on Corona Project 11742, what am I doing wrong?

Code: Select all

  <!-- User Information -->
  <user v='jonfen801'/>
  <passkey v='12345...'/>
  <gpu v='true'/>

  <!-- Folding Slots -->
  <slot id='0' type='CPU'>
    <project-key v='11742'/>
  <slot id='1' type='GPU'>
    <project-key v='11742'/>
  <slot id='2' type='GPU'>
    <project-key v='11742'/>
  <slot id='3' type='GPU'>
    <project-key v='11742'/>
  <slot id='4' type='GPU'>
    <project-key v='11742'/>

  <power v='full'/>


Remove the project-key settings from your configuration. They only work if set on the server, and that is only done during testing a project.

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