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Guide to using ROCm for AMD instead of Pro drivers on Debian

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:53 pm
by braiam
There's a qualitative advantage of using the ROCm drivers rather than the AMDGPU(-PRO) packages. It has better support for newer cards, extremely modular (no more having to have vdpau and va drivers from the AMD drivers mixed with mesa) and it's developed with focus on computing. Another advantage is that it's easier to install on any system without messing around scripts. Just following the download instructions and installing both the rocm-opencl and rocm-opencl-dev packages is enough... in theory. You also have to edit the /etc/ file so it reads as follow (note the version of the rocm directory can change):

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ldconfig can't realiably read from the x86_64 directory, which would make programs unable to find the library. Running ldconfig as root should fix the directory.