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Cant add GPU-Slot after Client reinstall

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:40 am
by TimGold

I've completed 78 Work units by now using GPU and received 4.5 Million credits.
I just reinstalled my Folding@Home Client because I've had some other issue with it and now I can't add a GPU-Slot to the newly installed client.

If I open that configuration window for adding a slot and select GPU:

(Sorry I cant link the images to be shown in this forum directly because this forum-account of me is new and the forum has been configured to actively prevent support requests from people seeking help)

Then click save, the slots overview looks like this:

When I click save there, the main window still looks like this (no gpu slot) and If I go back to the configuration dialog the added gpu slot is also missing:

I do not want my computer to use cpu to work for f@h, only gpu.
I used the uninstallation feature for the old client and then installed the new one I got from the folding@home webpage.
Please help.

Re: Cant add GPU-Slot after Client reinstall

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:40 am
by PantherX
Welcome to the F@H Forum TimGold,

This is a known issue for a fresh installation of V7.6.9 on a GPU system, here's a workaround for you (For Windows system):
Manually download the GPUs.txt file from here: (right-click save as GPUs.txt)
Exit the client
Copy the GPUs.txt file from the Downloads folder to %AppData%\FAHClient\
Reboot your system
Start up the client and ensure that you can see your GPU in the log file
Add a GPU slot from FAHControl -> Configure -> Slots tab -> Add -> GPU -> OK -> Save

However, please note that GPU folding isn't supported under macOS, natively. It is supported under Windows and Linux if you want to dual boot.