[NaCl] Tampermonkey Script to display timeout of WU

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[NaCl] Tampermonkey Script to display timeout of WU

Postby [WHGT]Cyberman » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:26 pm

As you know, the NaCl Chrome client is rather minimalistic - intentionally so. However, it also doesn't display some information I consider essential - namely the actual timeout when the result will be discarded (yet still rewarded).

So, today I finally took the time to do something about it:


It's a Tampermonkey Script for Chrome (like Greasemonkey, it allows the easy creation of scripts that are injected into websites) that replaces the console.log object to intercept the message where the timeout is stored, and displays it on the main screen below the original data.

It is a VERY crude first attempt, the display is entirely static, so there is no update with regard to remaining time (would be useful, ideally compare with estimate and create a guesstimate on if the WU will be used or not).
The number of minutes is just to show how much time is given for a WU, so if you see it'll take your PC an hour but only 20 minutes have been earmarked for the WU, well...

However, I think it's a start. If someone has too much time on their hands - the source is open, nothing in there is secret or in any way spectacular :-)
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