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This forum contains information about 3rd party applications which may be of use to those who run the FAH client and one place where you might be able to get help when using one of those apps.

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Tools list

Post by John Naylor »

This list of third party tools was originally compiled and maintained by NicoV, but due to his work constraints has been taken over by myself. Most of the credit goes to him. :)
bruce wrote:I want to publically thank NicoV for the service he has provided by creating and updating this list until now. It's a real service for all of us.
I echo that sentiment.
Comments, broken link reports, or new tools to add to the list are welcome, just PM me ;) (I prefer Private Messages, no need to overload this topic).
The authors of the tools are welcome to send me a short description of the tool so I can add it here.
BTW, you can link to this topic as much as you want, or even copy its content to another web site.

- FahMon: (T) Image Image Image - Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
FahMon is a small open-source tool. It allows you to quickly find out the progress of your client(s) without having to open different files and/or to go to the Internet. Versions and later can calculate the bonus used in the SMP2 and -bigadv clients.

- HFM.NET: (T) - Image
HFM.NET is an open source (GPLv2) application that monitors and tracks the progress of v6 and v7 Folding@Home clients. Based on the Microsoft .NET (v3.5) Framework, HFM.NET runs in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode on Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7.

- FAH Mobile Monitor for iPad: Image
Pretty much what it says on the tin!

- DCMonitor: Image - Image
DCMonitor can monitor multiple clients for Distributed Particle Accelerator Design (DPAD/MUON), Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), Folding at Home (F@H), and Seventeen or Bust (SoB) projects.

- LCDProc Monitor: Image - Image
A script that parses your unitinfo.txt from a Folding@Home client, calculates some basic stats and displays them on a LCD screen.

- Linux F@H Work Unit Monitor: Image - Image
Gkrellfah2 is a monitor and interface for the Linux Folding@Home client in GkrellM (Ver. >= 2.2). Also available is a client/server version for monitoring remote machines using GkrellMD.

- GFHCM - GTK Folding@Home Linux Client Monitor: Image - Image
GFHCM includes a stand alone version suitable for local desktop use. GFHCMC/GFHCMD is a client/server set that provides a daemon for remote and local machines that communicates to the client using socket programming. Using this combination it is possible to monitor 100+ remote machines from one client GFHCMC instance, or simply monitor you local desktop, using the daemon locally.

- InCrease: (T) Image - Image
InCrease is a GUI for monitoring, configuring, and controlling the Folding@home command-line client. Works with both the SMP and uniprocessor clients. Detects existing clients or selects and installs the client appropriate to the system on which it is running. Can also monitor remote Mac, Linux, and Windows units via network file systems.
With InCrease, you can easily have folding start when your machine boots. You can start, stop, pause, and continue easily from InCrease or its Dock menu. You can automatically pause while on laptop battery power, or while select applications are running. Compatible with fahlimit.
Requires OSX 10.2 or later; autoupdate features requires OSX 10.3.9 or later.

- FAH Tracker v2: Image - Image
FAH Tracker v2 is a program for monitoring and controlling Folding clients. It is mainly aimed at controlling multi-GPU setups but supports SMP and CPU clients too.

- FAH LogStats: Image - Image
FAH Log Stats allows users to monitor the progress of a Folding@Home client, locally, or remotely via Windows shares and FTP . Its written in Borland C++ Builder 6 and features a semi-configurable user interface.

- nFoldMan: Image - Image
nFoldMan is a successor to FAHManager and FAHMonitor, and generalizes the monitoring of folding processes to enable tracking any number of them on this machine, a file-shared machine, or a remote machine over the network. Remote processes can be located for monitoring using Rendezvous. Local processes can be controlled and remote processes may be controllable if they permit it.
Requires OSX 10.3 or later.

- Folding@Home Client Info: Image Image Image
Cross-platform set of perl scripts. Clients send data to a server that can be viewed in any web browser.

- Folding@Home Kicker Applet: Image - Image
Folding@home Applet is an applet for the KDE panel. It provides a convenient and unobtrusive way to monitor, visualise, and control the Folding@home client software on Unix systems running KDE.

- Konfabulator 2 widget: Image Image
An all new Konfabulator Widget to monitor the current F@H WU. It will display, as scrolling or static text: User Name, Project Name, Percentage of WU completed, WU Points, Date WU should be completed by. Also shows a graphical progress bar.

- FAHView & FAHServe: Image
FAHView is a very flexible progress bar for the Folding @ Home console. It allows you to view the progress of each protein F@H is working on, with very low cpu and memory usage. It can act as client software for FAHServe.
FAHServe is a data-collection server for the FAHView client. It allows you to track up to 3000 clients across your local network or across the internet. FAHServe also lets you send commands to your FAHView clients.

- Folding From Tray: Image - Image Image
A small tool allowing you to start and stop the FAH service with a simple click.
It also allows you to check the current WU's progress, get an estimated time remaining and download the protein's picture and your personal statistics.

- FAH Monitor & Farm Image - Image
A utility to supervise local and remote F@H nodes, with the capability to cache WU information for the hosts which do not have direct access to the Internet. Supports skins (26 are available now). Displays the following information about the current WU: WUname, FAHcorename, FAHcoreversion, WUcredits, WUstartdate, WUdeadline, WUforecastend, PPD, PPH, run-clone-gen. Also builds histograms of productivity for each of the present 6 cores for each node. This program is currently under active development.
For Windows 2000/XP only.

- Yahoo! Widget: Image Image
A Widget to monitor the status of your Folding@home client. Displays a bar showing Work Unit (WU) progress completed and uses scrolling text to display the user name, the project name, the WU percentage completed, points earned for the current WU, and the date it is due back at the server.

- UnitInfo: Image - Image
UnitInfo is a Dashboard widget that displays your most important Folding@Home stats: Work Unit count, status of current unit and rank in your team.

- FahSpy: (T) - Image - Image Image
Monitoring tool for Folding@Home.

- F@H WUdget: Image - Image
A widget for monitoring Folding@home clients on Mac OS X.

- Electron Microscope III (EMIII): Image - Image Image Image Image Image Image
Electron Microscope is a program used to track Folding at Home client. It will monitor up to 50 clients and give you the details about each client’s progress as the FAH client runs. EM will also show you what each change in the protein looks like as the process continues.

- Folding@home Gadget for Windows Vista...: Image
Monitor the progress of your Folding@home work units with this Windows Vista Sidebar gadget.

- FahProgress: (T) Image
DIsplays progress of clients on a network. Designed simply to be as small as possible.

- Jmol-fah webpage: Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
A website that allows you to see (almost) all the F@H WUs in 3D and manipulate them.
Check here for more information.

- Folding Wiki: Image
This site will allow you to not only learn about all things Folding, but will also allow you to share your knowledge.

- Image
A web based database of PPD scores for CPU comparison.

- Jmol: Image Image Image - Image Image Image Image Image Image
Jmol is a Java molecular viewer for three-dimensional chemical structures. Features include reading a variety of file types and output from quantum chemistry programs, and animation of multi-frame files and computed normal modes from quantum programs.

- fpd: Image
This program displays an image of the current protein molecule and shows some information about the most recent ten work units downloaded. It requires an X Window with OpenGL (GLX) extensions.

- fpd for Mac OS X: Image

- FoldinGL: Image
FoldinGL will display three-dimensional, animated and rotating protein, which is the result of your current Folding@home calculation.

- xfpd: Image Image - Image
xfpd is 3d viewer for Folding@Home data (README).

- EOC Folding@Home Stats
- Kakao Stats
- XCPU Stats
- Coolrunr's F@H Stats Scripts
- Free-DC Stats
- HardFolding stats
- CPU and GPU stats and entry forms to expand the database
- Sage Folding@Home Stats System:
Sage is a web-based stats system for your Folding@Home team. It is light, fast, and based on PHP and an assortment of SQL-based database management systems (primarily MySQL), so it is ideal for webservers.

- -bigadv bonus point calculator and SMP2 bonus point calculator:
These two calculators should allow you to get a fairly accurate idea of what bonus you will receive upon completing your current unit.

Folding Sig Images
- EOC sig images: (Hosted)
Sig images generated by EOC. You have to be in their statistics to have a signature.
There's a Graphical Signature Designer that you can download from here.

- FAHsig: Image Image
A PHP script to create graphic stats images.

- Folding At Work: Image Image
A tool to help system administrators installing FaH in an office environment (easy install, can run only during non working hours, ...)

-InCrease (see entry above in the "Monitoring" section): Image
An installer/manager/monitoring program for Folding@home clients on Mac OS X.

- finstall: ImageImage
FAH installer for Linux, Free/OpenBSD, MacOSX, Wine.

Diskless folding programs (based on linux)

- Folding@Home Diskless Programs from notfred:
Windows Network Boot Diskless Folding HOWTO.
Debian/Ubuntu Network Boot Diskless Folding HOWTO - RPM based distros will be similar.
Folding CD Generator.
Folding USB Stick.
Folding VMware Virtual Appliance.

Other F@H Tools
- qd, the QUEUE.DAT Dump utility and other convenient utilities: Image Image Image
Dick Howell has passed away, and he will be greatly missed. Some people are maintaining his tools, which are linked above. A HOWTO is available on how to use qd in the FAH Wiki.
Two mirrors of Dick Howells website exist: mirror 1 & mirror 2.
The latest version of qd is available at the qd-tools website.
qd: This program prints out a formatted dump of the queue.dat file. (updated version
qdiprint: This program prints out point value information from the qd data file in readable form.
xyz2pdb: This program converts a molecule display file in .xyz format into .pdb format.
qfix - Latest Binaries of qfix: This program will attempt to repair the queue.dat file if it is suffering from several sorts of errors the client has, from time to time, made.
Related Links: [How to] Submit partial result with qfix (for Windows) - This should only be used in cases where a WU EUE's and doesn't return the work completed. How to guides are also available for Mac OS X and Linux clients.
qgen: (T) This program will attempt to rebuild the queue.dat file if it has been lost or is unavailable.

- qd - Mac OS X Gui version: Image

- CoreDownloader: (T) Image
This small program can download all currently used FahCores if the client cannot do for so, for instance when it returns HTTP Get error 0. It will unpack the core and put it in the relevant directory automatically.

- FAH BAckup System: Image
The FAH Backup System was developed as a backup program for Folding@Home to recover lost WorkUnits easily and effectively.
It is a DOS Batch file that was made with space in mind. It is only a 1KB download! Easily checkpoint and restore all of your machines from a single computer!

- fahswitch: Image
fahswitch is for only running folding@home while the login screen is shown.
fahswitch requires Mac OS X release 10.2 or later.

- fahlimit: ImageImage
fahlimit is for reducing the cpu load caused by the folding@home core.

- FAHChart: (T [in French]) Image - Image Image Image
A tool to make graphical charts from your FAHlog.txt files.

- fah-tools: Image
Miscellaneous tools for Folding@Home.

- FAH SMP Affinity changing utility: Image

GPU tools
- GPUBench: Image
GPUBench is a benchmark suite designed to analyze the performance of programmable graphics processors in areas of particular importance to general purpose computation.

- ATITool: Image
ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI video cards.

- GPU Caps Viewer: Image
GPU Caps Viewer contains a stress tester for GPUs. If your GPU can run the fur rendering test for an extended period of time without issues, it should be stable.

Testing Your System Stability
- StressCPU2: (T) - Image Image
This is a small program to torture-test your CPU in order to make sure that you don't have overheating problems. It will only run on SSE-equipped x86 CPUs. It executes a special version of the Gromacs innerloops that mixes SSE and normal assembly instructions to heat your CPU as much as possible. This is the closest CPU torture test to running F@H that we currently know about, and as such is recommended for stress testing machines that will be running F@H. [Not a recommendation by the project staff, but by users of this forum]

- Memtest86: Image Image
Memtest86 is a thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers. BIOS based memory tests are a quick, cursory check and often miss many of the failures that are detected by Memtest86.

- Memtest86+: Image
Based on the well-known original memtest86 written by Chris Brady, memtest86+ is a port by some members of the x86-secret team. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date and completly reliable version of this software tool aimed at memory failures detection.

- MemtestG80 and MemtestCL: (T) - Image Image Image
MemtestG80 and MemtestCL are modified versions of Memtest86+ with some additional custom tests which work on CUDA-enabled nVidia graphics cards, and any OpenCL based graphics card respectively. They may be useful to those running Folding@home on their GPUs to help detect memory errors that could compromise a simulation but will not trigger a proper EUE.

- IntelBurnTest: Image
IntelBurnTest is a small application which runs the Linpack Test on your PC. This is probably the most extreme test any PC will face and works a PC considerably harder than Folding@home, so it is probably the ultimate stability test.

- OpenGL Tester: Image
This is a simple program that tests if a system's OpenGL abilities are working properly.

- OpenGL Test: Image
This program tests the OpenGL (controls 3D rendering and hardware acceleration) subsystem on your machine. If you see a spinning cube and pyramid, it works (and that means so should the Folding@Home graphical or screensaver client, and the fpd protein display application) Also really good for testing new video cards, drivers and older machines.

- List of benchmark tools

- Ultimate boot CD: Image
A bootable CD with many, many tools to test your system stability.

- Ultimate boot CD for Windows: Image
A windows version of the Ultimate boot CD.

- Super Pi: Image
A program to calculate millions of digits of Pi.
It can be used for improving/testing your memory timings. It doesn't really stress the cpu to the extent of other tools but if you can pass the 32mb test you're well on the way to being stable, although further testing is recommended with another program.

- Core Temp: Image
Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint program to monitor CPU temperature.
The uniqueness of it is that it shows the temperature of each individual core in a each processor in your system! You can see in real time how the CPU temperature varies when you load your CPU.

- OverClock Checking Tool (OCCT): Image - Image Image Image
A little tool for testing CPU stability, aimed at multi-processors.

- Temperature Monitor: Image - Image Image
Temperature Monitor is an application to read out all accessible temperature sensors in Macintosh computers. The program can visualize the history graphs of the readings, display measured values in a large variety of fashions, or announce readings by speech output. It can also store and export values.

- CPUID Hardware Monitor: Image -Image
This application displays readouts for all major temperature sensors in a Windows computer system.

- RunH: Image
RunH is a mini-utility that simply runs a batch file or executable you specify in the background.
This is very useful if you want to run a batch file, but don't want to have the user see it run or accidentally cancel it.

- FSAutoStart: Image
FSAutoStart allows the user the ability to automatically shutdown services and programs in order to free system resources and experience superior system performance.

- smcFanControl: Image
smcFanControl enables manual control of fans in Intel Macs, which is potentially useful for those folding on Mac laptops and Mac Minis.

- SetPriority: (T (usage instructions)) - Image
SetPriority is useful for people folding with VMs whilst using the GPU client in Windows. It can be used to ensure that the GPU cores run at higher priority than the VMs.

- Ultra VNC and TightVNC
These two VNC programs allow you to easily monitor any headless system, which is potentially useful for folders running barebones folding systems with no GPUs, or with GPUs but no monitors.

(T): Topic discussing the tool
Image: Windows compatible
Image: Linux compatible
Image: Mac compatible
XXXX: Not supported any more

Notes to moderators/administrators
- I am using a local version to do the modifications, so if you edit the post please notify me by a post or by PM, so that I can update my local copy before making further changes.
- Is it possible to remove the comments to this post once they have been taken into account (much like the betateam topic)?
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Re: Tools list

Post by coccola »

Awesome post! Please add the following:

Monitoring ... p?t=252553

Statistics ... ccola86565 ... tnum=86565

Sig images ... 123&type=1
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Re: Tools list -YURT

Post by new08 »

I tried this utility and though it is still sending data in when run the database is very ragged. ie: not publishing the individual stats but just logging the unit times on a PC basis.
The trouble is, this uses private data and shows- there's no way of removing on the site [or dropping out the project] and emails are not being answered, as promised.
I'm not too bothered, but it is a security hole- and the site owner should deal with this.
For some - this could be a real problem as it is right now!
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Re: Tools list

Post by Stonecold »

Is there a way to find the PDBsum for the project being viewed in the Jmol web applet so it can be viewed on the offline Jmol Java program? Or at least a way to download the .xyz file? Or even better, is there an easy way to find out the PDBsum for the current project?
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Re: Tools list

Post by NicoV »


Thanks for sending the email to me, I'm not connecting to this forum very often, so it's best way to get in touch with me.
I see that I need to change the URL for project description in Jmol FAH webpage. Will do it tonight if I have the time.
All the .xyz files (along with a few .top/.trj files) in the Jmol FAH webpage are available through SVN at ... /projects/ in gzipped format (which is fine for Jmol)

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Re: Tools list

Post by Artistus »

Hello everyone! :e)

Here is our gadget for monitoring your V6 clients.


There are 25 color themes, some of which are styled to some of vendors and Ukrainian Overclockers site, where we are from.
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Re: Tools list

Post by s4sutler100 »

When will folding hit 64 bits?
I had to use compatibility mode.
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Re: Tools list

Post by 7im »

Nothing in FAH that requires 64 bits in Windows yet. And there is no speed improvement for fah in switching to 64 bits. And so no need to double the development costs of supporting both a 32 bit version for older Windows, and a 64 bit version for newer Windows.
How to provide enough information to get helpful support
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Re: Tools list

Post by ratticon »

Howdy! :D

Here's a little something for the Stats section:

Code: Select all
It's a Python script I wrote that prints team stats to your terminal.
Just edit the team number in the last line of the script.

For example, the following will print out the stats for team IDs 1, 2 and 3 when you run python

Code: Select all

Enjoy and feel free to clone, contribute, fork etc. :wink:

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Re: Tools list

Post by eifinger »

I have developed an async Python3 client:

Code: Select all
This is also used for a custom Homeassistant Integration:

Code: Select all
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Re: Tools list

Post by WatsOnTV »

Android Control App (available on the app store):

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Re: Tools list

Post by zexmaxwell »

Folding USB stick is a dead link.
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