Windows or Linux?

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Windows or Linux?

Postby hiigaran » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:39 am

I know there's bound to be at least a few people that will roll their eyes over this overly asked topic. However, I've only seen answers that are a few years old. Considering that hardware and software changes a lot, I'm going to ask this question again.

As far as PPD and overall progress of the project is concerned, is it better to fold on a Windows, or a Linux system? Does this answer change in any way for a multi GPU system?

Most recent answer stated that native Linux was the best way to go, followed by a Linux VM, then native Windows. Has this answer changed? If not, then what distro do you guys recommend for folding?
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby ComputerGenie » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:10 am

The difference comes with multiple GPUs and/or older motherboards/slot-generations.
But with modern boards running 16x (gen2+):
GTX 1080 on M5A99X running Windows 7
GTX 1080 on M5A97 running Debian 8.7

There's no discernible difference in the PPD between the two.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby foldy » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:19 am

For fast GPUs if pcie slot speed is gen2 x8 or gen3 x4 then you loose 10% PPD on Windows but not on Linux.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby Nathan_P » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:59 am

Linux, it does give more PPD, its a lot more stable, you are not forced into continuous updates - unlike win 10 and its free.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby hiigaran » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:02 am

That's one of the reasons I brought up this question again. I've got two systems running 4 GTX 1080s each. I would like to make the switch to Linux, but some uncertainties are stopping me.

-How is the driver support for video cards?

-How are errors handled? For example, fahcore crashes in Windows happen frequently enough to be a mild annoyance, mostly due to the fact that the crashed slot will not start again until the crash message is dismissed. Sometimes it won't start at all until after a restart of the system.

Also, I assume by your example, that you would recommend Debian? Is that with or without a GUI? Ideally, I would like to have a GUI because I use Teamviewer to connect to each system. However, if there is something similar which can do just command lines with a multiplexer like byobu, and provide me with accurate temperature readings, I would love to hear about it.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby davidcoton » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:31 am

I use Ubuntu 16.04LTS. It can be a pain to set up the video drivers, but they are now in a suitable repository that will offer updates (to install when you choose!).
Others use Mint. Both have full GUI available, buit can run headless. Both FAHControl and HFM will monitor all your PCs from any one, regardless of OS (subject to FAH support, of course. I think Teamviewer will work, there are several other VNC options. Once it is set up, Ubuntu pretty much looks after itself -- crashes are rare. It just needs occasional updates, most of which don't interrupt folding. All folding systems do need some monitoring, obviously the more frequent the monitoring the less the downtime if something does go pear-shaped.
Given the choice, I would use Ubuntu over Windows in almost every case. The exception is when I need proprietary software that is only available on Windows.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby ComputerGenie » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:34 pm

I use Debian with an Xfce desktop and teamviewer (because I like to always remind myself of how little we've evolved from running Citrix in the 90s). As for error handling, I don't know because I haven't had any crashes.

Difficulty with Nvidia drivers and Linux varies on the individual (because it involves setting boot loader and installing via commandline). It's a bit "tricky" for some novices to get the hang of sussing out when, where, and how to set "nomodeset" to be able to install, but it's generally painless once you get the hang of it.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby Nathan_P » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:45 pm

I didn't need to set "nomodeset" on my zorin 9 installation when I last installed it. Just downloaded the drivers from the repository and off I went
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby Nert » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:18 pm

I made the transition from Windows to Linux last year. I use Linux Mint and I'm very very happy that I made the change. The driving factor for me was the instability brought on by Windows 10 forced updates and reboots. For anyone who folds 24 x 7 having a system reboot without any user intervention is not good.

The straw that broke the camels back was the Windows anniversary update. It killed my system and required a Windows re-install. It was at that point that I made the change.

I'm a snowbird and my system runs for months at a time unattended at home. I access it remotely via ssh and VNC to monitor for any problems. In that time (3 months so far), I haven't had any "unknown enums" or other errors and folding crashes that seem to be so common to Windows systems. Others have talked about PPD comparison.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby FldngForGrandparents » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:32 pm

Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04. Let me know if you need any help. It's actually quite easy to setup. Mine runs 24x7 with uptimes of months. Only reason to reboot is for new Nvidia driver tests

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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby hiigaran » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:38 pm

Okay, Mint is running on one of my rigs, but it looks like there's a lot of work to do. CPU slot works fine. GPU slots do not. They were not automatically detected, so I added them manually. Slot assignment couldn't even be done using the -1 setting, so I had to manually assign each GPU slot at 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Now the slots show, and GPU units have downloaded. Progress is being made. However, the WUs have 5 day ETAs, and temperatures are at idle values. The drivers used at the nvidia ones, not the open source ones.

Now assuming I can get this to work, the next issue would be fan and clock control. On Windows, I would use EVGA PrecisionX, to set a fan profile, and to also set the program to automatically throttle the cards to maintain 75 degrees. I can't seem to find that sort of precision functionality in Mint. I've seen suggestions to enable coolbits in Nvidia X Server, but that only enables the fan controller on just the first of the four video cards. Even so, it's a set speed. No way to automatically change it, or set fan profiles as far as I'm aware.

There has to be something. Surely with overclocking being such a big thing, someone must have come up with something to do this.

EDIT: This is currently the situation on the Mint rig:


PPD should be around the 2.5 million mark.
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby ChristianVirtual » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:05 am

For the coolbits you need to modify the xorg.conf and set it for all GPU (you can find my xorg.conf for a 3-GPU setup here: ... /xorg.conf )
You need to adjust it a bit for your four cards. With the additional script you can set the fanspeed to what you like; but it's a constant rate (ok for 24/7 folder)

Overclocking was and is a challange with Linux; I didn't followed up in the last months if it got better (and got factory OC hardware instead).
Please contribute your logs to
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby ChristianVirtual » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:11 am

As for the GPU beeing not fully utilized ... did you reduced/disabled CPU folding ? With four GPU you CPU is busy enough. Can you share the first 150 lines of your log file ?
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby SteveWillis » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:03 am

Re: overclocking nvidia GPUs on Mint. This is what works for me

folding as DarthMouse_ALL_1GD5nCZbh7gNo1SESPLT24xEd2Jsu4rTP9
Currently folding on 14 GPUs on Linux Mint
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Re: Windows or Linux?

Postby hiigaran » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:42 am

I'm going to need instructions designed for a Windows idiot. I have no idea what a xorg is or where to find it.

also, I've seen that coolbits config come up before, but with a value of 4. How many different values are there, and what do they all represent?

Here's the log. You can see where it shows the cards as being unsupported. Driver version is 375.39

Code: Select all
*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:21Z ***********************
07:25:21:************************* Folding@home Client *************************
07:25:21:    Website:
07:25:21:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2014 Stanford University
07:25:21:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:21:       Args: --child --lifeline 1492 /etc/fahclient/config.xml --run-as
07:25:21:             fahclient --pid-file=/var/run/ --daemon
07:25:21:     Config: /etc/fahclient/config.xml
07:25:21:******************************** Build ********************************
07:25:21:    Version: 7.4.4
07:25:21:       Date: Mar 4 2014
07:25:21:       Time: 12:02:38
07:25:21:    SVN Rev: 4130
07:25:21:     Branch: fah/trunk/client
07:25:21:   Compiler: GNU 4.4.7
07:25:21:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -mfpmath=sse -ffast-math
07:25:21:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:21:   Platform: linux2 3.2.0-1-amd64
07:25:21:       Bits: 64
07:25:21:       Mode: Release
07:25:21:******************************* System ********************************
07:25:21:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:21:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:21:       CPUs: 8
07:25:21:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:21:Free Memory: 7.26GiB
07:25:21:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:21: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:21:Has Battery: false
07:25:21: On Battery: false
07:25:21: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:21:        PID: 1494
07:25:21:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient
07:25:21:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:21:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:21:       GPUs: 4
07:25:21:      GPU 0: UNSUPPORTED: NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:      GPU 1: UNSUPPORTED: NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:      GPU 2: UNSUPPORTED: NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:      GPU 3: UNSUPPORTED: NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:       CUDA: 6.1
07:25:21:CUDA Driver: 8000
07:25:21:  <!-- Client Control -->
07:25:21:  <fold-anon v='true'/>
07:25:21:  <!-- Folding Slot Configuration -->
07:25:21:  <gpu v='false'/>
07:25:21:  <!-- Network -->
07:25:21:  <proxy v=':8080'/>
07:25:21:  <!-- Slot Control -->
07:25:21:  <power v='full'/>
07:25:21:  <!-- User Information -->
07:25:21:  <passkey v='********************************'/>
07:25:21:  <team v='212997'/>
07:25:21:  <user v='hiigaran'/>
07:25:21:  <!-- Folding Slots -->
07:25:21:  <slot id='0' type='CPU'/>
07:25:21:  <slot id='1' type='GPU'>
07:25:21:    <gpu-index v='0'/>
07:25:21:  </slot>
07:25:21:  <slot id='2' type='GPU'>
07:25:21:    <gpu-index v='1'/>
07:25:21:  </slot>
07:25:21:  <slot id='3' type='GPU'>
07:25:21:    <gpu-index v='2'/>
07:25:21:  </slot>
07:25:21:  <slot id='4' type='GPU'>
07:25:21:    <gpu-index v='3'/>
07:25:21:  </slot>
07:25:21:Switching to user fahclient
07:25:21:Trying to access database...
07:25:21:Successfully acquired database lock
07:25:21:Enabled folding slot 00: READY cpu:4
07:25:21:Enabled folding slot 01: READY gpu:0:NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:Enabled folding slot 02: READY gpu:1:NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:Enabled folding slot 03: READY gpu:2:NV3 [PCI]
07:25:21:Enabled folding slot 04: READY gpu:3:NV3 [PCI]
07:25:22:WU00:FS02:Running FahCore: /usr/bin/FAHCoreWrapper /var/lib/fahclient/cores/ -dir 00 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1494 -checkpoint 15 -gpu 0
07:25:22:WU00:FS02:Started FahCore on PID 1507
07:25:22:WU00:FS02:Core PID:1511
07:25:22:WU00:FS02:FahCore 0xa7 started
07:25:24:WU05:FS03:Running FahCore: /usr/bin/FAHCoreWrapper /var/lib/fahclient/cores/ -dir 05 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1494 -checkpoint 15 -gpu 0
07:25:24:WU05:FS03:Started FahCore on PID 1514
07:25:24:WU05:FS03:Core PID:1518
07:25:24:WU05:FS03:FahCore 0xa7 started
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:24Z ***********************
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:    Website:
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2016 Stanford University
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Args: -dir 05 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1514 -checkpoint 15 -gpu
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:             0
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:     Config: <none>
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.11
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Date: Sep 20 2016
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Time: 06:40:11
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7: Repository: Git
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:   Revision: 957bd90e68d95ddcf1594dc15ff6c64cc4555146
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:     Branch: master
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:   Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:   Platform: linux2 4.6.0-1-amd64
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Bits: 64
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       Mode: Release
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Free Memory: 7.21GiB
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Has Battery: false
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7: On Battery: false
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:        PID: 1518
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient/work
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Project: 13125 (Run 13, Clone 3, Gen 58)
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Unit: 0x00000047ab436c655898ca46039db818
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
07:25:25:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame58.tpr -o frame58.trr -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 1
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:24Z ***********************
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:    Website:
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2016 Stanford University
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Args: -dir 00 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1507 -checkpoint 15 -gpu
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:             0
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:     Config: <none>
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.11
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Date: Sep 20 2016
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Time: 06:40:11
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7: Repository: Git
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:   Revision: 957bd90e68d95ddcf1594dc15ff6c64cc4555146
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:     Branch: master
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:   Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:   Platform: linux2 4.6.0-1-amd64
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Bits: 64
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       Mode: Release
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Free Memory: 7.22GiB
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Has Battery: false
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7: On Battery: false
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:        PID: 1511
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient/work
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Project: 13802 (Run 0, Clone 765, Gen 18)
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Unit: 0x0000001e80fccb04587e9439463ea8ee
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
07:25:25:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame18.tpr -o frame18.trr -x frame18.xtc -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 1
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:Running FahCore: /usr/bin/FAHCoreWrapper /var/lib/fahclient/cores/ -dir 04 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1494 -checkpoint 15 -gpu 0
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:Started FahCore on PID 1523
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:Core PID:1527
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:FahCore 0xa7 started
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:25Z ***********************
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:    Website:
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2016 Stanford University
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Args: -dir 04 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1523 -checkpoint 15 -gpu
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:             0
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:     Config: <none>
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.11
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Date: Sep 20 2016
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Time: 06:40:11
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7: Repository: Git
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:   Revision: 957bd90e68d95ddcf1594dc15ff6c64cc4555146
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:     Branch: master
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:   Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:   Platform: linux2 4.6.0-1-amd64
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Bits: 64
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       Mode: Release
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Free Memory: 7.19GiB
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Has Battery: false
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7: On Battery: false
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:        PID: 1527
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient/work
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:25:WU04:FS04:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:26:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Project: 13125 (Run 8, Clone 3, Gen 58)
07:25:26:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Unit: 0x00000046ab436c655898ca4bbd34908d
07:25:26:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
07:25:26:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame58.tpr -o frame58.trr -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 1
07:25:27:WU02:FS00:Running FahCore: /usr/bin/FAHCoreWrapper /var/lib/fahclient/cores/ -dir 02 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1494 -checkpoint 15 -np 4
07:25:27:WU02:FS00:Started FahCore on PID 1533
07:25:27:WU02:FS00:Core PID:1537
07:25:27:WU02:FS00:FahCore 0xa7 started
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:27Z ***********************
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:    Website:
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2016 Stanford University
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Args: -dir 02 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1533 -checkpoint 15 -np 4
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:     Config: <none>
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.11
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Date: Sep 20 2016
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Time: 06:40:11
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7: Repository: Git
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:   Revision: 957bd90e68d95ddcf1594dc15ff6c64cc4555146
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:     Branch: master
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:   Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:   Platform: linux2 4.6.0-1-amd64
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Bits: 64
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       Mode: Release
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Free Memory: 7.15GiB
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Has Battery: false
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7: On Battery: false
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:        PID: 1537
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient/work
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Project: 13122 (Run 11, Clone 0, Gen 79)
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Unit: 0x00000058ab436c655898cb8102038f5b
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
07:25:28:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame79.tpr -o frame79.trr -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 4
07:25:28:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Steps: first=4500000 total=250000
07:25:28:WU01:FS01:Running FahCore: /usr/bin/FAHCoreWrapper /var/lib/fahclient/cores/ -dir 01 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1494 -checkpoint 15 -gpu 0
07:25:28:WU01:FS01:Started FahCore on PID 1541
07:25:28:WU01:FS01:Core PID:1545
07:25:28:WU01:FS01:FahCore 0xa7 started
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2017-03-26T07:25:29Z ***********************
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:    Website:
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2016 Stanford University
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Args: -dir 01 -suffix 01 -version 704 -lifeline 1541 -checkpoint 15 -gpu
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:             0
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:     Config: <none>
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.11
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Date: Sep 20 2016
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Time: 06:40:11
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7: Repository: Git
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:   Revision: 957bd90e68d95ddcf1594dc15ff6c64cc4555146
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:     Branch: master
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:   Compiler: GNU 4.8.5
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:    Options: -std=gnu++98 -O3 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -mfpmath=sse
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:             -fno-unsafe-math-optimizations -msse2
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:   Platform: linux2 4.6.0-1-amd64
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Bits: 64
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       Mode: Release
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:        CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 v4 @ 1.70GHz
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:     CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 79 Stepping 1
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:     Memory: 7.72GiB
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Free Memory: 7.13GiB
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:    Threads: POSIX_THREADS
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7: OS Version: 4.4
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Has Battery: false
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7: On Battery: false
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7: UTC Offset: 4
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:        PID: 1545
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:        CWD: /var/lib/fahclient/work
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:         OS: Linux 4.4.0-66-generic x86_64
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Project: 13127 (Run 53, Clone 8, Gen 59)
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Unit: 0x00000045ab436c655898c9477304cded
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
07:25:29:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame59.tpr -o frame59.trr -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 1
07:25:30:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Steps: first=11600000 total=200000
07:25:32:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Completed 11982 out of 200000 steps (5%)
07:25:32:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Completed 6854 out of 250000 steps (2%)
07:25:33:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Steps: first=11600000 total=200000
07:25:34:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Steps: first=11800000 total=200000
07:25:34:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Steps: first=15800000 total=200000
07:25:35:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Completed 11972 out of 200000 steps (5%)
07:25:36:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Completed 12052 out of 200000 steps (6%)
07:25:37:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 43952 out of 200000 steps (21%)
07:25:38:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Completed 12000 out of 200000 steps (6%)
07:25:42:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 44000 out of 200000 steps (22%)
07:25:44:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Completed 12000 out of 200000 steps (6%)
07:28:58:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 46000 out of 200000 steps (23%)
07:31:50:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 48000 out of 200000 steps (24%)
07:32:02:WU00:FS02:0xa7:Completed 7500 out of 250000 steps (3%)
07:34:58:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 50000 out of 200000 steps (25%)
07:36:51:WU01:FS01:0xa7:Completed 14000 out of 200000 steps (7%)
07:37:07:WU05:FS03:0xa7:Completed 14000 out of 200000 steps (7%)
07:37:17:WU04:FS04:0xa7:Completed 14000 out of 200000 steps (7%)
07:38:24:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Completed 52000 out of 200000 steps (26%)

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