Total number of WU's

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Total number of WU's

Postby tvdsluis » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:53 pm

Is there a total number of WU's per project? (Even when WU's can be added)
I can find a timeline page per project, but not something like percentage complete, so i can see how much work is done per project.
I assume when a project is created the researcher has some idea of how many wu's will be created, and wants to know how much is already processed?
Now it seems every project will run for ever without any ending.
Maybe it's a dumb question, but seeing a project reaching certain goal points can be very rewarding for folders i can imagine.
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Re: Total number of WU's

Postby bruce » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:24 pm

The question has been asked before and you can search for those answers.

There's no easy answer. When a project is started, the estimate of how many WUs will be required is pretty much a guess. As the project develops, the work completed to-date can be looked at allowing a better estimate of how the project is proceeding. If developing trends can be interpreted and the anticipated length of the trajectories (the number of Gens) can be altered -- either because the project is not going as well as anticipated or better than anticipated. In EITHER case, more Gens can be added or reduced. Often the partial results lead to more questions that can be answered by more trajectories (Runs/Clones) or by making changes and initiating a closely related project.

No matter how much initial planning is put into a project, genuine research often doesn't go as planned. (I don't remember seeing any announcements when the anticipated number of WUs changes -- only when a new project is started.)
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