Updated Infrastructure at Folding@home (related changes)

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Updated Infrastructure at Folding@home (related changes)

Postby wuffy68 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:58 am

Hey there - I was wondering if there's a manifest of changes coming as a result of the Folding@home infrastructure upgrades ...

1. Will PPD continue to be reported through the same mechanism and server IPs?
2. Any changes to the formatting of the JSON data that would affect existing 3rd party tools, and monitors?
3. Is there any plan to re-introduce light-weight clients like NaCl and Xperia-style Mobile clients?

On that third point ... our team was able to attract folders with low-power devices while those clients were available. We had participation-based folding contests and giveaways where it didn't matter how many PPD or GooglePlay points participants produced, just as long as they committed to having their device run for a limited amount of time - in order to qualify.

I think losing the ability to introduce folding to participants on low-power platforms will limit participation in the future ... as low power users upgrade to higher-end devices as they mature and gain economic status.

Thanks in advance
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