FAH beats top 5 Supercomputers

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FAH beats top 5 Supercomputers

Postby tygrus » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:45 pm

FAH project has gone above the 2500 TFLOPS rating based on the Client Stats page (June 27, 2008). :D
The top 5 supercomputers in the June 2008 list combined are rated at 2485.5 TFLOPS when running the LINPACK benchmark.
In an Apples-vs-Orange comparison, the FAH has now exceeds the computing power of the top 5 supercomputers.
I'd hate to think of the cost equivalents :shock:

The only problem may be the PS3 steady decline in participation from peak of 1800TFLOPS down to 1350 (and will continue to drop).

OT: It would be nice if Sony could update the console to make a PS3.5 with complete backwards compatability for faster CPU+SPE+GPU (DP FP) clients. Unfortunately Sony wants to streach it out and make huge leaps between consoles which delayed the PS3 in the first place.
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Re: FAH beats top 5 Supercomputers

Postby CoMePrAdZ » Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:53 pm

Okay, but that's not relevant, because common supercomputer have a high speed interconnect, and work anything mostly near realtime. DC, like f@h has a
low speed interconnect (avg. 384 - 10 mbps), and not processing at realtime, because it using a client-server system. so, when it done some WU, it must sent back those WU back to server. and they have deadline. so, slower sytem can still contribute to this entire system, when they can meet the deadline. and this is the problem, it make the process take a longer time. :(

hey, don't worry. it still the fastest. and everything about speed in computing are very well ... :)
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