What protein is that?

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What protein is that?

Postby punix » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:22 am

Hey FOH project team,

Really awesome work! I was just browsing through your amazing work and found this beautiful picture of a protein folding example and its pathways. Unfortunately I can not post links but it is the second picture on the FOH wiki page that is found under the topic "Project significane". The Figure title says "Folding@home uses Markov state models, like the one diagrammed here, to model the possible shapes and folding pathways a protein can take as it condenses from its initial randomly coiled state (left) into its native 3-D structure (right)."

Now I would like some more information on that. I guess there is a publication to it (as someone obviously took a lot of time creating that picture). I was checking out most of the publications listed on the Wiki page of FOH but could not find this picture explained in more detail at all. It is a pitty that no publication is cited along with the picture.
I would like to know what protein that is and what it does in the body etc.
Maybe someone can help me out with some Info on that protein?

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