Volunteering to help communicate

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Volunteering to help communicate

Postby GingeraMan » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:13 am


I am super passionate about FaH during this pandemic and I have a unique sense of humour and twist on things. I'd be more than happy to help communicate what we're doing here so the public can understand what the most powerful computer in human history is doing.

Is there a or some researchers I can talk to? Or some way of knowing what the daily or weekly 'payloads' are? I plan to write about this in a humorous way e.g. today the payload is targeting protease something or another, lock and load we're coming for your CV :-) Just to get the public excited and feel a part of it. I seem to be ok at communicating complex topics in a way most people can understand and enjoy so I'm more than happy to help... let me know?

I have time all this weekend to talk to someone although I am UTC+11h so may need to be in the morning or late night for most people out of Australia.

I intend to really pump this and it's amazing that Deep Thought here has again exhausted all the work units!! That's amazing! Can we pull in more researchers to throw more at it? I really want to help!
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Re: Volunteering to help communicate

Postby davidcoton » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:01 pm

Most of the public information is available on this site (not just the forum), it just needs pulling together. If you have specific questions, again ask here.
It's quite possible the team can use some help to present information (some parts of this site are badly out of date), but researcher time is very much oversubscribed at present.
I don't think (may be wrong) we're running out of work, just the server capacity to handle it all. The workload has jumped up by a factor of 20. Server updates are in progress.
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Re: Volunteering to help communicate

Postby GingeraMan » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:20 am

Yep thanks I understand there is public information around and I have reviewed it but much of it requires specialist knowledge to understand. I would like to help communicate this as the layperson social media level - and maybe have a bit of fun at the same time. Which I think the world will really appreciate right now. This is a rare ray of hope and positivity right now that the world is hungry for. I have had a very positive response to all my social media posts about it, for example, and then more joined up. It's good for morale as so many people who would otherwise feel helpless can feel they are doing *something*. FaH is helping on many fronts, as well as the research itself.

Is there anyone I can speak with to understand the effort better and break down in the lay-person terms - e.g.a such and such 'inhibitor' is a basically kneeing CV in the nuts - or jamming a spanner in it's machinery - so to speak. People will relate that, and it is still factually correct even if, well, abstracted for popular consumption.

I'd be happy to help update the site too as yes researchers need to focus on their core function which is research. Non-qualified lay-people such as myself can help relieve some of that burden. I could get updates out, whatever. At the moment it seems some of this burden falls on researchers directly.
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