WU Upload Fail

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WU Upload Fail

Postby Kevin_herren » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:17 pm

I have a WU that has completed folding sometime yesterday afternoon and is still trying to send to the WS. Over 18 attempts have been made only to get to this status and still sit on my computer. I do not want to just dump the WU like I have seen some people say so I have come here for help with the issue.

PRCG = 9179 (47, 9, 390)
The following is the log results for a single upload fail. The WU completes the upload then I get the error UNKNOWN_ENUM (171712836).

15:15:38:WU01:FS02:Sending unit results: id:01 state:SEND error:NO_ERROR project:9179 run:47 clone:9 gen:390 core:0x21 unit:0x0000022dab436c9f57bdce054d408c2f
15:15:38:WU01:FS02:Uploading 14.52MiB to
15:15:38:WU01:FS02:Connecting to
15:15:40:WARNING:WU01:FS02:WorkServer connection failed on port 8080 trying 80
15:15:40:WU01:FS02:Connecting to
15:15:44:WU01:FS02:Upload 9.04%
15:15:50:WU01:FS02:Upload 18.94%
15:15:56:WU01:FS02:Upload 30.14%
15:16:02:WU01:FS02:Upload 38.75%
15:16:08:WU01:FS02:Upload 48.65%
15:16:14:WU01:FS02:Upload 59.41%
15:16:20:WU01:FS02:Upload 70.18%
15:16:26:WU01:FS02:Upload 81.80%
15:16:32:WU01:FS02:Upload 91.70%
15:16:38:WU01:FS02:Upload complete
15:16:38:WU01:FS02:Server responded UNKNOWN_ENUM (171712836)
15:16:38:WARNING:WU01:FS02:Failed to send results, will try again later
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Re: WU Upload Fail

Postby JimboPalmer » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:52 pm

Pande Labs announced they would be without power yesterday and today viewtopic.php?f=24&t=30020

If it does not clear up tomorrow, lets figure out why.
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