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Support for FAH

Postby bruce » Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:28 am

kasson wrote:Folding@Home has security features to protect both the integrity of the points system and the integrity of the scientific results.
One could categorize uses of Folding@Home as follows:
1. Supported configurations used in a good-faith manner. We do our best to support these.
2. Unsupported configurations used in a good-faith manner. While we are very happy if you can use an alternate configuration to donate to Folding@Home (as long as it doesn't violate the EULA or the integrity of the science or the points system), we are unable to support these configurations. Furthermore, we are unable to guarantee that configurations which work now will continue to work under future upgrades. We're not malicious, but if a configuration isn't in our specifications, we usually don't design for it. A number of users have produced how-to's that can provide some assistance. It sounds like this is the category that your problem falls into.
3. Unsupported configurations used in a manner that can damage our scientific results or the points system. This is what our security features are designed to catch.
4. Supported configurations used in a manner that damages our points system or the scientific results. We adjust our system to deal with these.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for the sneakernetting configuration that you are using. You have posted about this elsewhere, and a number of users have provided feedback. We regret that posting in the specific WU forum won't help. These are issues with the configuration you're running under rather than the work units or servers involved. Sorry.

This post was a direct answer applicable to this discussion in which it appeared, but it also is an excellent summary so I'm placing this copy in the announcements forum so it will be easy to find after the original discussion is forgotten.
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