Open beta release of the GPU3 core

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Open beta release of the GPU3 core

Postby VijayPande » Mon May 24, 2010 11:01 pm

We have a new GPU core (core 15) going into an open beta test for NVIDIA clients. This core requires a new client (see below) as well as the latest drivers (197.45). This core is the first run of the GPU3 technology, derived from the OpenMM project at Stanford ( You can find more information in our GPU3 FAQ (see url below).

While this release is for NVIDIA only to start, we are actively pushing ATI support (with the help of AMD/ATI), although we have no ETA at the moment. We do not recommend that you use this client with an ATI GPU at the moment since there is no advantage and you are potentially exposing yourself to new bugs.

This is the first open beta test of this new client and core, so there are likely bugs to be found as more donors try this out on more diverse sets of hardware. Also, the documentation (GPU3 FAQ) is new too and there are possibly some errors there too. However, the client has been QA'd both internally at Stanford and with our closed group of beta testers and is looking pretty good so far.

Some testers in the closed beta test have found problems with 8800 and 9800 class GPUs (we are working on this).

Please post bugs or issues in the new GPU3 section of this forum.

NVIDIA Client download:
SYSTRAY: ... ay-632.msi

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Re: Open beta release of the GPU3 core

Postby yslin » Tue May 25, 2010 5:27 am

The projects for this beta releases are p10626 and p10627.

Some info regarding the projects:

P10626 and P10627: Test simulations of villin with gpu openmm-gromacs

These beta tests are to evaluate the performance of a new core (openmm-gromacs) on gpu with Generalized Born (GB) model used as implicit solvent.

Points and deadlines: 610 points (p10626), 611 points (p10627), timeout 2 days, deadline 3 days
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