Projects 7808 and 7809 to full fah

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Projects 7808 and 7809 to full fah

Postby schwancr » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:19 pm

These projects will be moving to full fah now.

These projects are related to the previous series 7800-7807.

Projects 7808/7809:
These projects attempt to explore how protein folding in the cell may be different than protein folding in a test tube. We are simulating a peptide inside the ribosome exit tunnel to explore how confinement and specific interactions within the tunnel can bias the peptide toward a certain fold or even prevent the peptide from folding. The two projects simulate two different peptides.

Both projects utilize the A4 core and are available for Linux and Win32 SMP Clients v6.34+
As well as uniprocessor Linux and Win32 Clients v6+

points = 1698.09
timeout = 25.23
deadline = 54.68
k-factor = 0.58

points = 1722.50
timeout = 25.60
deadline = 55.46
k-factor = 0.58
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