Core 21 v0.0.11 moving to FAH with p9704, p9712

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Core 21 v0.0.11 moving to FAH with p9704, p9712

Postby mpharrigan » Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:18 pm

Project 9704 and 9712 are moving to full FAH! This is the first time core 21 for GPUs will be made generally available. We've been working the past 6 months on making sure it can handle the most challenging and new questions in protein dynamics. Core 21 uses version 6.2 of OpenMM. This build has been prepared with careful consideration of AMD and Nvidia gpu performance.

OS: Linux / Windows
Timeout: 3 days
Deadline: 5 days

Desc: Voltage gated sodium channel
Atoms: 175k
Base credit: 9000
Extra restriction: 64 bit operating systems only, >2gb system ram (more is recommended)

Desc: Trek2 tandem-pore potassium channel
Atoms: 80k
Base credit: 6300
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