P13902 moving to full FAH!

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P13902 moving to full FAH!

Postby brookehus » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:34 pm


I am moving project 13902 to full FAH. This project explores all double-mutants of the CLN025 variant of Chignolin, which is a very small protein commonly used for validating both experimental and computational methods. Understanding how Chignolin folds will help address fundamental questions about protein folding and help us develop the types of models we use on large systems such as kinases and GPCRs. There are a limited number of higher-grade GPUs that will not be able to receive this project.

core: OPENMM_21
base-credit: 5600 points
bonus: 0.75x
timeout: 3 days
deadline: 5 days
atoms: 6000

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