p14260 to p14269 (GPU, OPENMM21) on ADV

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p14260 to p14269 (GPU, OPENMM21) on ADV

Postby nehav » Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:03 pm

p14260 :<stats-credit v="11700"/>
p14261 : <stats-credit v="11850"/>
p14262 :<stats-credit v="10630"/>
p14263 :<stats-credit v="11850"/>
p14264 : <stats-credit v="12575"/>
p14265 : <stats-credit v="12760"/>
p14266: <stats-credit v="8610"/>
p14267 : <stats-credit v="12575"/>
p14268 : <stats-credit v="15300"/>
p14269: <stats-credit v="12575"/>

<timeout v="5"/>
<deadline v="7"/>

Project descriptions:
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