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COVID (GPU, core22 0.0.5) projects 13402-13409 to FAH

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2020 6:49 am
by JohnChodera
We've just released two new projects---13402-13409---that follow on 13400-13401 to test the new features of the new core22 release 0.0.5 that we will use for prioritization of compounds for COVID-19 experimental collaborators to make and test!

Project descriptions:

We've further restricted the classes of GPUs to fast GPUs only and made some changes to the composition of the systems, which hopefully minimizes the divergence between linux and win.

These are short WUs, ~2-4h/WU.

Projects 13402 and 13403 : core22 0.0.5
Stats Credit = 45,000
timeout = 1.0
deadline 2.0

Projects 13404 and 13405 : core22 0.0.5
Stats Credit = 50,600
timeout = 1.0
deadline 2.0

Projects 13408-13409 : core22 0.0.5
Stats Credit = 46300 / 2500
timeout = 1.0
deadline = 2.0

We've further refined the class of cards we're releasing to in ADVANCED, so we're rolling rapidly to FAH so we can accelerate testing. The rapid roll-out is motivated by the need to scale up these new calculations to support our experimental collaborators on the COVID Moonshot program [].

*Edit: 13404-5 in this series have been added as well.*

*Edit: 13408-9 in this series have been added as well.*

Note that we've seen failure rates of ~15% that we are working to systematically reduce with a new core22 release this week.

Thanks so much, everybody!

~ John Chodera // MSKCC