COVID (CPU, GRO_A7) project 16805 to FAH

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COVID (CPU, GRO_A7) project 16805 to FAH

Postby sperezconesa » Mon May 18, 2020 7:34 am

<project type="GRO_A7" id="16805">
<min-core-version v="0.0.18"/>

<atoms v="99119"/>

<!-- simulation time == 1.00000 ns -->

<!-- stats -->
<stats_credit v="5355"/>
<timeout v="2.4"/>
<deadline v="4.2"/>

This is part of the first COVID19 projects from our lab. We are assembling the envelope protein, which is an ion channel important for viral function. Learning about how it forms can inform the design of molecules that will prevent proper assembly.
This project has the same system as 18603 but with an electric field.
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