Projects 16911-4 (GPU, OpenMM22) to ADV

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Projects 16911-4 (GPU, OpenMM22) to ADV

Postby sizhang » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:35 pm

Releasing new OpenMM22 projects to ADV

project number: 16911
<atoms v="9000"/>
<stats-credit v="24100"/>

project number: 16912
<atoms v="10600"/>
<stats-credit v="28100"/>

project number: 16913
<atoms v="11600"/>
<stats-credit v="30100"/>

project number: 16914
<atoms v="13300"/>
<stats-credit v="37500"/>

<timeout v="5"/>
<deadline v="7"/>
<k-factor v="0.75"/>

Projects description:
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