Species change for some AMD GPUs.

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Species change for some AMD GPUs.

Postby bruce » Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:51 am

Until today, there have been essentially only two AMD/ATI GPUSpecies listed in GPUs.txt: 6 (for Navi) and 5 for everthing else that's supported. Some for which support has been questionable (e.g. No OpenCL 1.2 support or no double precision) have been species 1.

Beginning today, some changes are being made to the GPUSpecies assigned to specific AMD GPUs that previously were species 5. The following groups are being established:

AMDSpecies0: Not supported
AMDSpecies1: TeraScale
AMDSpecies2: up to 0.9TFLOPS
AMDSpecies3: 1 to 1.9TFLOPS
AMDSpecies4: 2 to 4.9TFLOPS
AMDSpecies5: 5 to 7.9TFLOPS
AMDSpecies6: 8TFLOPS and up.

This should allow the project owners to assign their projects to groups of similar GPUs.

For small projects, then can elect to use Species<=5 or species<=4 For large proejcts they'll probabl elect to allow Species>=5

EDIT: OK, apparently we cannot make this change. Species 1,2,3,4 cannot be used, though I don't know why.

Somebody has classified them as "unsupported"

That, and species 1 has been allocated to a different purpose.
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