PCI-e bandwidth/capacity limitations

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Re: PCI-e bandwidth/capacity limitations

Postby boristsybin » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:46 pm

i don`t see any ppd increase with pl 220, on both cards tasks 94xx and 117xx produce same 1+ mppd
set pl back to 180

so, have tested 1080ti @ pci-e v2.0 x1, ryzen platform mentioned above
task 9415, at 20% progress shows 856k ppd
nvidia settings console shows 11% pci-e link load.

well, 1070 will fold with full power, may be even 1080 will.
but 1080ti not, it requers at least pci-e v2.0 x4 (may be x2 if that kind exists).
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Re: PCI-e bandwidth/capacity limitations

Postby foldy » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:52 pm

That is important especially for those mining mainboards with pcie v3.0 x1 only. So with Linux using gtx1070 would be feasible if CPU is big enough, 4core/8thread would be good for upto 8 GPUs. So a mining rig with 8x gtx1070 can be converted to a folding rig just by replacing the CPU from often used dual core to intel i7 and using Linux.
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