1080ti Low Perfrmance?

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Re: 1080ti Low Perfrmance?

Postby QuintLeo » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:19 pm

10496 I'm seeing a little under 1M PPD - 10490 as I recall has similar performance - on my Gigabyte 1080ti.

Also, there are a lot of factors that can affect PPD:
The MODEL of the card makes a big difference (an Aorus boosts a LOT higher than any FE due to the massive cooling upgrade)
If you overclock the card, and how far (most of those 1.2+ figures you see are for VERY HIGH OVERCLOCKED cards).
What kind of PCI-E slot (a slot with 16 physical PCI-E lanes can be 15-20% higher PPD on the SAME card vs a slot with 4x lanes running PCI-E 2.0).
Which PROJECT (941x is notorious for low PPD, 13204 tends to be very high and is poplular for folks claiming 1.2M+ PPD on a 1080ti).

HFM gives good overall estimates if you set it for PPD "Effective Rate" and Bonus calculated on "Download time" in the preferences and give a slot at least 10% to get stable.
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