Smallest folding machine?

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Smallest folding machine?

Postby ProDigit » Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:21 pm

Ok, I LOLed at seeing this,
A Latte panda, mounted to a GTX 2080!

Like, literally a pc mounted to a graphics card, instead of the other way around!
Connected through a PCIE 16 riser at 4x, it does add about 7Watts to the GPU.
Should they have chosen a single slot 1070, with a 150-200Watt passive PSU, it might be the smallest form factor, best PPD/watt solution out there for folding, slightly larger than a 2 slot GPU card by itself; and portable!
Great if you work in an office, just put it in a black pc case of sorts, run it at work, tell your boss it's a personal space heater or something.

Not sure if the Latte with it's dual core, 4 thread CPU could feed the GPU with just one thread though...
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Re: Smallest folding machine?

Postby ProDigit » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:14 am

Joking aside, the Latte Panda is currently the smallest board that supports a PCIE slot.
Not the standard latte, but the alpha version.
It's still in development, and extremely expensive for what it is (hundreds of dollars), and out of my reach.
But it did make me search for alternatives out there.
I work in an office, and if I can bring a CD ROM drive size box with me for folding at the job, I would, as electricity doesn't cost me anything there, and it could serve as a space heater.

I found out that the latte panda probably tops out with a GTX 1050 card in Linux, or lower, as it has only a pcie 1x slot available.

I also have learned that the next big thing is Intel's 5x5 boards, and that there's nothing concrete out for the end user. Only expensive, industrial specified boards that cost several hundreds of dollars.

The board above that is the micro ITX, and this board doesn't come with pcie slots.

Then it's mini ITX, and these ones come with (sometimes) full 16x pcie slot support.
The downside is that they're about a little wider than a graphics card's length, and about double a graphics card's width. Not practical.

Next up, I looked into Gigabyte's Brix. They're still small enough, but often their only 'pcie' port is used by the wifi and SSD card. They have no other SSD expansion slot for a drive.
And the few users trying to see if they can up their brix' graphics capability, have mentioned incompatibilities, probably due to it being an M.2 msata port, rather than an mPCIE port.

I also found extremely cheap VIA boards out there, but their technology was so old, they didn't support pcie yet.

So a dead end anywhere.

It would be nice if in the future, someone could pinpoint a raspberry pi sized board, with an x86 processor, and pcie slot on it, that hopefully is cheap, small,low in power consumption, and works well with eGPUs.
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