Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

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Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by JustThreads »

For Systems with with greater than 32 threads there are some feature(s) that would enhance the software.

Slots that support >32 threads

Clients that are Microsoft Windows Process Group aware.
this would enable default support > 64 threads

Currently I am trying to use 3rd party software (Process Lasso) to optimize FAH (FahCore_a7.exe) on a 128 thread Threadripper 3990X.

3990X / FAH setup:
4 x 30 thread CPU slots
1 x GPU slot

I have attempted to use Process Lasso to set affinity with no luck.
Also tried setting the Instance Balancer and Processor Group Extender.

i can on occasion get all four slots to equally distribute the workload to the whole processor (120 threads). When the current workloads finish and new ones come in the double up on the same threads and this is not optimized.

Does anybody have a solution for this?
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Re: Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by _r2w_ben »

Welcome to the forum JustThreads!

Are you using Windows 10 Home/Pro or Windows 10 for Workstations? If you're using Home/Pro, you could try turning off SMT and experimenting with 1x32 + 1x30 slot.
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Re: Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by PantherX »

AFAIK, the issue isn't about the F@H software supporting large number of threads. It is about WUs being able to run efficiently on those number of threads. Before the introduction of Threadripper, desktop CPUs were limited to 12 to 16 CPUs. Thus, most projects being generated would cater to those CPU groups. Over the last few years, there has been a massive jump in the CPUs available for desktop usage and it will take time for F@H to support them. Moreover, the researchers have limited hardware available making the testing of Project on large number of threads a bit of a challenge. I believe that in the next few years, the rise of Threadrippers would cause a creation of Projects which can be catered by those CPUs.

For those that have been around for a long time, it might be bigadv V2.0: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=25598&p=256610
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Re: Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by Nathan_P »

Back in the day, linux could handle upto 128 threads for a WU with no issues. The problem is not the client or core, The problem is that most of the WU currently being generated work on 24 threads or less - some are limited to 12. The researchers don't currently have projects that big. I have also heard that some versions on windows default to a max of 32 threads anyway. you should be able to create multiple 24 thread slots and have them stick between WU. If they are not sticking it suggests a config or install error. Or maybe windows is just being stupid again
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Re: Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by MARSTG »

Thread necro : so, if you get a machine with 56 threads, what would be an optimal setup? Two clients with 24 threads each?
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Re: Threadripper 3990X slot setup / feature request

Post by PaulTV »

I'd say one client with two CPU slot of 24 threads each. Two clients won't work. In FAH Control you can add a new CPU slot to an existing config.

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