Rx 570 ppd question

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Re: Rx 570 ppd question

Postby FireFox-89 » Sun May 17, 2020 4:44 pm

poppster wrote:
MeeLee wrote:Are you CPU crunching as well?
If you do, make sure you're not over committing the CPU, by folding on 100% of the CPU cores, and add to that the GPU slots.
Try to free 1 or 2 CPU slots for GPU, and see how high CPU utilization is.
If it's still at 100%, you might need to decrease even further.

I tested that theory on my i5 4460 machine with a Radeon HD7950 and you were correct. I had the cpu slot to use all 4 cores and my GPU was not getting a lot of credit or taking longer to complete WU's. I changed my i5 to use only 2 cores, and my PPD for the 7950 went back to a "normal" state.

I'll swing around to all 5 of my machines and make sure that I'm not over-committing my cpu on my machines. :mrgreen:

Nice, at least you got to the bottom of it, fold on brother :)
Do you even fold bro?
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Re: Rx 570 ppd question

Postby bruce » Sun May 17, 2020 5:16 pm

There is a legitimate debate as wo whether tyou should leave 1 or 2 free threads to support a single GPU. I'm not going to offer an opinion.

Either seems to work, but as to how the PPD varies depending on how you assign that last CPU thread is debatable.
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