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Re: Comfortable Hardware Temperature

Postby FireFox-89 » Tue May 26, 2020 5:20 pm

This was mainly due to boredom since the RX 590 operating temperatures are really good, usually idles in the low 30's and under load folding usually high 50's into the low 60's. Anyway I don't like stock thermal paste so thought I'd strip it down so I can thoroughly clean the dust out, inspect the thermal pads that are on the memory modules, Vcore and Vmem VRMs and also the thermal paste on the GPU.
On this card there is also a small strip of aluminium on the back of the PCB right below where the VRMs are located, there is a pathetic amount of thermal material that comes in contact with the backplate to aide in removal of heatsoak from the back of the PCB, I cleaned all of that crap off and applied some nice fresh Artic MX4 on the strip and also the GPU.
Since re-applying thermal paste on that aluminium strip the backplate is actually very hot now so it is good to know that it is helping remove heat away from the PCB.

After doing all of this I reduced my idle temperatures by about 4 degrees and underload about 3 degrees (also very warm ambient today).

Not important at all but I also like the orientation of the GPU, not sure if this has any electrical engineering advantages or just a quirk from AMD :)
All rebuilt and clean :)

The vast majority of the points I've achieved is done with just that card, she has done some work. She deserves a little care :)
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