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A forum for discussing FAH-related hardware choices and info on actual products (not speculation).

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Please read the forum rules before posting.
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Forum Description and Rules - Read Before Posting!

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This forum section is for discussing hardware choices relating to Folding@home, and for various informative threads about how to get the most Folding performance from your hardware. For hardware topics not directly related to the performance of FAH, please find a forum specifically aimed at hardware topics.

Please remember that is a team, OS and hardware neutral support forum.
  • Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated. Offenders will be warned on the first occasion, and if they persist will have their permissions to access this forum revoked.
  • If flaming gets out of hand (I will be very strict about this) I will remove this forum entirely.
  • Discussions not related to Folding@home will be moved to an appropriate forum (such as "Anything Goes" which will be pruned regularly), or simply deleted.
  • If you post an information thread, please keep the first post updated with any new information posted later in the thread if you can.
  • Please keep on topic in hardware threads, but don't start new threads unless the information you seek cannot be found already...remember search is your friend
  • If a question is asked, answer it directly. i.e. If someone asks how to improve the performance of their Athlon64 CPU, do not suggest that they go out and buy a Core2Duo CPU.
  • Do not use this forum to directly advertise manufacturers or resellers (No links to hardware sites allowed).
  • We know that you're proud of your system but pictures don't improve FAH's speed and belong in a forum specifically aimed at hardware.
These rules may be altered in future by Admin/Mods, so watch out ;)