nVidia beta - 6.12 beta 6

Questions and comments regarding the GPU2 client running on a nVidia GPU that supports CUDA.

nVidia beta - 6.12 beta 6

Postby Beberg » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:26 pm

We're happy to roll out the beta nVidia client, it's a nice beta, and so here we go...

First and before you do anything else, LOOK OVER THE FAQ. Lots of important things in there that you'll need to know if you do anything beyond run the installer and run it.

You MUST use the 174.55 version of the drivers (or better, from that URL) for now. You do not need the other files, just the drivers.

Known bugs:
It's a beta, and yes we meant that, not like Google but like software engineers - expect glitches and updates. The main thing is that the viewer will not work, as we're in the middle of changing how the live coordinates get to the viewer. Other then that, visit our nVidia beta Forum to see what's happening.

6.12 beta 6
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