Getting ID from AS [SOLVED]

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Getting ID from AS [SOLVED]

Postby xrchz » Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:02 pm

New installation of Folding@Home-SMP on Arch Linux.
I start the client, and then after a while look at myfah.log.
The last couple of lines are
Code: Select all
[16:47:28] + Requesting User ID from server
[16:47:28] - Getting ID from AS:
[16:47:28] Connecting to

and nothing has happened in hours.
What could be wrong?
If I go to that address in Firefox, I get a page back that says "OK", so I think I can connect to it ok.

UPDATE: Problem was nscd wasn't running, and fah6 was segfaulting pretty quickly. If I start nscd first, then now it runs ok.
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