GPU Client question

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GPU Client question

Postby blooddogg757 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:21 am

Hi! I recently stumbled across folding@home and want to contribute what I can to further such a great cause. What I have is an NVIDIA Geforce GT240 and an NVIDIA Geforce GT440. I use the 440 as my main(and only card) and am curious to know if I can install the 240 to be a dedicated GPU miner? Do I have to setup an extra monitor to visually confirm that it is working? Would this even work at all? The motherboard is SLI ready and I have had both cards installed in the system, however I don't want to run the program with both cards, I am interested in running a single instance on the solo 240 if at all possible. Thank you for your consideration in these matters.
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Re: GPU Client question

Postby Zagen30 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:33 am

Welcome to the forum and the project, blooddogg757.

Yes, you can run FAH on your 240 to be a dedicated folder, and there's no problem having a non-primary card folding while the primary one doesn't. You don't have to set up an additional monitor to check progress, as the client outputs messages indicating its progress every so often. I believe you'd have to extend the desktop to the second card, but I can never remember if that is no longer necessary.

Have you actually set up a client yet? If not, you may want to try out the beta version of the upcoming v7 client. It's a pretty stable beta, with most of the bugs being of the cosmetic variety, and it was designed to be easier for new contributors to use. You'd want to set up a GPU slot and, I believe, set the GPU index to 1 in the Configuration*. Check out the FAHControl guide for more info about how to configure slots.

If you have already installed the GPU client, you most likely installed the v6 client. There's a bit more variation here based on which version you installed, so I'll refrain from getting into that unless you say you've already installed it.

*I seem to remember some people encountering unusual GPU indices, so the 240 may end up having index 0. You could use a GPU monitoring tool to see which card is under load when the client's running and change the index if necessary.
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