GPU2 Suggestions Thread

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Re: GPU2 Suggestions Thread

Postby 7im » Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:08 pm

Athlonite wrote:sorry I'd rather see a working form of GPU3 before they do anymore gpu2 core updates to support newer nVidia cards or atleast update the GPU2 core to properly support HD5xxx cards ... ATI/AMD has had OpenCL working well for the last 4 iterations of Catalyst 10.x so whats the bleedin hold up it looks like ATI/AMD will have the HD6xxx series cards out before GPU3 makes an appearance

GPU2 does support 5xxx series cards, just use the -forceGPU switch. Yes, native detection of the hardware will be nice, but not a big deal. The install instructions for 5xxx cards shows this requirement.

How do you define working well? Or who or what are you basing that upon? Working is NOT the same as working well, or supporting all necessary features...

And even if the 6xxx cards come out before GPU3, that only hurts Stanford more, so they are well motivated to move forward where and when possible. Obviously there is some kind of bleedin' holdup, and it's not likely on the Stanford side, though it could be a bid of both. ;)
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Deadline / Problem Warning (any client really, but I use GPU

Postby [WHGT]Cyberman » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:13 pm

I guess this is the most fitting place for this:

Warnings. Information. Anything that helps the user know what's going on without having to scrounge through the log file every second day.

*) Deadline Warning:
Add a check, at startup for example, and display a warning - a popup, balloon tip or such, to notify the user that he has less than say 24 hours to complete a WU. I don't mind leaving the computer running over night to complete a WU, but I need to know that a WU is close and nearing it's deadline. Several times now I have lost WUs because the deadline was reached when it was at 90+%. That is annoying and wasteful.
Fake edit: Ah, I just saw I can look at the queues to see the current deadlines. Nice, better than the logs - but it still forces me to check it manually, which is inconvenient and prone to errors (i.e. me forgetting).

*) Calculation problems:
When I recently changed display drivers to the latest version, FAH didn't work properly anymore. I only found out by accident when I looked at my stats and noted that there were literally hundreds of WUs to my name but hardly any points.
Turned out the program couldn't do any calculation and sent off empty WUs all the time. I only realized it because I looked through the log file - the client itself never gave any warning.
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Re: GPU2 Suggestions Thread

Postby PantherX » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:56 am

Welcome to the F@H Forum [WHGT]Cyberman,

Please note that any developments for v6 Client has been stopped in favor of V7. Moreover, the points that you have raised have been addressed with V7 and there are solutions:
Deadline Warning -> We have plans to colour code it in the GUI to make it easy for donors to see if the WU can finish before the Timeout or the Expiration ( ... ticket/523) ( ... ticket/807).
Calculation -> The V7 will show the Slot failure if there were 5 consecutive failures. Also, in v6, for the systray, it would automatically stop after 5 failures.
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