name: core is not

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name: core is not

Postby sebastian869 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:58 pm

I have the prog running and each time in the past if i clicked on the visual part it would show the atoms binding. This time it shows nothing moving and the same atom model, no matter how long the prog is running. Can someone please help me out. i have an intel 920 and a nvidia gtx 285. Thanks
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Re: name: core is not

Postby Tim_H » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:08 pm

if you are trying to run the viewer from the GPU client this applies.
7) The Viewer that is present in the Systray Version is known to be buggy/resource hog. You don't have to run the viewer for the Client to fold and it isn't used to monitor the Client. To monitor the Client, please visit the tools list and download an appropriate application.


otherwise, i'm not sure. have you done any upgrades lately? drivers/hardware/client?
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Re: name: core is not

Postby MtM » Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:46 pm

Core is not running can be a number of things.

If you in the same install did see the core engaged ( being buggy does not mean it doesn't work at all ), you might have a client which isn't running due to not being able to get work, or a client which had to many EUE's and is now in a 24h pause.

You can see this by opening the log file and reading the last few lines of it. If it's running it will show something like:

Code: Select all
[06:08:57] Completed 28%
[06:14:10] Completed 29%
[06:19:24] Completed 30%
[06:24:38] Completed 31%
[06:29:51] Completed 32%
[06:35:05] Completed 33%
[06:40:19] Completed 34%
[06:45:34] Completed 35%
[06:50:50] Completed 36%
[06:56:08] Completed 37%
[07:01:29] Completed 38%
[07:06:45] Completed 39%
[07:12:01] Completed 40%
[07:17:22] Completed 41%
[07:22:40] Completed 42%
[07:27:57] Completed 43%
[07:33:13] Completed 44%
[07:38:27] Completed 45%
[07:43:42] Completed 46%
[07:49:11] Completed 47%
[07:54:37] Completed 48%

If the last few lines do not have anything resembling the above, it will most likely have something like this >

Code: Select all
[09:57:23] *------------------------------*
[09:57:23] Folding@Home GPU Core -- Beta
[09:57:23] Version 2.09 (Thu May 20 11:51:02 PDT 2010)
[09:57:23] Compiler  : Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 14.00.50727.42 for 80x86
[09:57:23] Build host: amoeba
[09:57:23] Board Type: Nvidia
[09:57:23] Core      :
[09:57:23] Preparing to commence simulation
[09:57:23] - Looking at optimizations...
[09:57:23] - Files status OK
[09:57:23] sizeof(CORE_PACKET_HDR) = 512 file=<>
[09:57:23] - Expanded 43030 -> 163963 (decompressed 381.0 percent)
[09:57:23] Called DecompressByteArray: compressed_data_size=43030 data_size=163963, decompressed_data_size=163963 diff=0
[09:57:23] - Digital signature verified
[09:57:23] Project: 11166 (Run 6, Clone 3, Gen 38)
[09:57:23] Assembly optimizations on if available.
[09:57:23] Entering M.D.
[09:57:29] Will resume from checkpoint file work/wudata_05.ckp
[09:57:29] Tpr hash work/wudata_05.tpr:  1379877866 2772616909 2393713705 3211951106 2786485755
[09:57:29] Client config found, loading data.
[09:57:30] Starting GUI Server
[09:57:30] Resuming from checkpoint
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: retreived and current tpr file hash:
[09:57:30]    0   1379877866   1379877866
[09:57:30]    1   2772616909   2772616909
[09:57:30]    2   2393713705   2393713705
[09:57:30]    3   3211951106   3211951106
[09:57:30]    4   2786485755   2786485755
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: file hashes same.
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: state restored.
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: name work/wudata_05.log Verified work/wudata_05.log
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: name work/wudata_05.trr Verified work/wudata_05.trr
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: name work/wudata_05.xtc Verified work/wudata_05.xtc
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: name work/wudata_05.edr Verified work/wudata_05.edr
[09:57:30] fcCheckPointResume: state restored 2
[09:57:30] Resumed from checkpoint
[09:57:30] mdrun_gpu returned
[09:57:30] Calculated & specified T inconsisitent
[09:57:30] Folding@home Core Shutdown: UNSTABLE_MACHINE
[09:57:33] CoreStatus = 7A (122)
[09:57:33] Sending work to server

If it's the last option please post your fahLOG.txt in code boxes as described here.

Also post which os you are running, and if you're running your graphics card overclocked.
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Re: name: core is not

Postby sebastian869 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:49 pm

thanks for the replay, yeah it shows me progress but i dont see visuals like in the past or like ps3 people get (i did notice that the model adjusts every 2 secs or so). I also just discovered that i can change the model and see it in stick form and ati version (even though i have nvidia) I have a i7 920 and a gtx 285 sli (though had to remove the sli lately cuz of heat). The MOBO manufacturers are retards they stack these 2 huge GPUs next to one another then as far a apart as possible and it makes my GPUs overheat (not OC at all). i have an asus p6t. the prob is that the farthest slot is slower , i forgot 10x not 16x and only the 2 side by side are 16x.

Lastly, I noticed that for 2 times in a row it had me doing an altzhimers(prob misspelled) dont get why when it takes so much time to do each and now the last process is the generic "test protein A". is there any way to actually set the settings so u are actually doing useful work?

Thanks again for the help.
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Re: name: core is not

Postby bruce » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:39 am

Welcome to the foldingforum, sebastian869

Recently there has been a lot of development work going on to provide support for Fermi hardware an work leading toward the availability of a FahCore that uses OpenCL. When new software is being developed, test proteins ARE useful work. Anyway, I'm seeing new projects announced regularly though I don't pay much attention to whether they're for G80 or for Fermi so I don't know which ones will be distributed to your hardware. See the later posts in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=14714

You may want to upgrade your client to the latest version and/or add the -advmethods flag. Either one might change the WUs that you're getting but it might not. Those choices may also increase the chances of getting unstable assignments.

The choices of which projects are available depends on what the scientists feel is important at the time and you really don't get to choose.
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