gtx 1070 not utiliziung the full cores

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gtx 1070 not utiliziung the full cores

Postby chabgood » Thu May 11, 2017 2:32 pm

I am on Windows 10, i was folding with 2 gtx 1050's for a little while, then i replaced them with 1 gtx 1070, I noticed with GPUZ that it is only utilizing 85% or so. The PPD is around 363K and the gpu usage is only at 85%. Is there a way to utilize the the whole card? Before I put the new card in I did delete the folding at home client and reinstalled it.
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Re: gtx 1070 not utiliziung the full cores

Postby bruce » Thu May 11, 2017 5:35 pm

Welcome to, chabgood.

The "utilization" value shown or your GPU is a composite of a number of different aspects of GPU processing.

To fold, data in RAM must be transferred via the PCIe bus to memory in the GPU. To do that requires the attention of the CPU, which is why we recommend that at least one free CPU is available to run FAHCore_21. There's a small amount of time required for the OS to devote the required resources to FAHCore_21 and then to actually transfer the data. Once in the GPU's VRAM, the shaders can process the data and enqueue in to be returned to main RAM via the PCIe bus.

In most cases, the delays associated with the PCIe bus can be overlapped with processing the preceding or the subsequent block of work but there are always some exceptions. It's rare that the exceptions add up to (100%-85%) = 15% unless something is hogging the resources required to transfer the data or unless you happen to have a fast GPU and a WU with relatively few atoms. Is this problem associated with a particular project or with all projects?

Please locate GPUs.txt (found in FAH's data directory) and check the date on the first line (2017xxxx)

Also, please post the segments of your log (noted below) associated with your system and this particular WU.
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