Native GPU client in GPU3?

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Re: Native GPU client in GPU3?

Postby bruce » Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:54 pm

kromberg wrote:
VijayPande wrote:This is currently a lower priority, below getting v7 out and an OpenCL core for ATI. Once those items are out and in good shape, I think it would be a good time to for us to reconsider this one.

Any idea when that would be?

The announced availability of V7 is First Quarter 2011, so that means it's expected within the next two weeks. OpenCL requires V7 so it will be out at the same time or "soon" thereafter (and for FAH, "soon" is never defined.) To further refine what "soon" means, consider the blog post about fah-support-for-ati-gpus which did two things. It delivered bad news for owners of older ATI GPUs, but it also said that OpenCL "is coming to fruition." I think many folks missed the positive part of that blog post.

Anyway, the reconsideration process can begin "soon" along with whatever else is on the agenda.
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