Stopped for hours, then started up again

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Stopped for hours, then started up again

Postby jwcolby » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:08 pm

First off, I folded long ago but am just setting up again. I now have a server with 16 cores and tons of memory so I decided to try the SMP client. Setup went smoothly and I started last night and went to bed. I am folding 1% every 3 minutes or so, which by my calcs should be something like 100% every 300 minutes or every 5 hours. All cores are maxed out.

When I went to bed I had about 5% done. When I woke up this AM it was at 40% and hung. I watched for a few minutes and it wasn't displaying any changes. The log also showed the last entry around 11:XX last night. Understand that all cores are still pegged, so something is computing.

I went into the morning routine getting the kids off to school and when I came back up to my (home) office the display was at ~50%, and is now at 57% and chunking along. Oddly though the time displayed on each chunk is no longer real time, it is displaying the time as if it had never stopped processing. IOW even thoughit is now 8:05 AM the time of the latest WU is 13:05. But each WU completed shosw a time ~ 3minutes after the previous. The time did not jump to the current time at the time the wu completes.

So... What is up with the ~9 hour "hang"?

And what is up with the time of the WU?

Thanks for any insight.

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Re: Stopped for hours, then started up again

Postby gwildperson » Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:43 pm

For anyone to help, they're going to need a copy of fahlog.txt.

Is it possible that you started two copies of the client?
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Re: Stopped for hours, then started up again

Postby Jesse_V » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:27 pm

Something may have been eating the additional processing. FAH runs at an extremely low priority, so if anything kicks on FAH will back off. Of course you'll still see 100% CPU usage, because it may be something like a 30%-FAH + 70%-something usage instead of a 99%+1% usage.
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