What are valid values for -smp #

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Re: What are valid values for -smp #

Postby bruce » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:00 am

Well apparently it doesn't always drop. I think it's somehow related to the fact that smp 11 has a very high failure rate, though it might work sometimes if it had been given the chance to. 7 is going to have a higher failure rate than, say 5, so gwildperson's question is a good one but the quesion needs to be directed at the PG, not as us. They can determine the failure rates and if they decide to re-map 7, that's their choice.

For a specific value of smp, the numbers are going to depend on the project and the FahCore, as well, which really means we don't have a good basis to make any kind of decision until we see failures. For the safest approach, use only numbers which have nice factors. For example, if you try 11, which the PG has ruled out, so you get 10. It factors into 5x2 so its failure rate will be quite similar to someone who uses -smp 5. If you use 12, it factors into 3x2x2 so the failure rate will be quite similar to someone who uses -smp 3.
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