Issue With Listing on Stats Board

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Issue With Listing on Stats Board

Postby Spawnandjesus » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:24 pm

Hey guys, I'm returning to this project after a few years, and I have a new username and new computer. I am, or at least I believe I am reasonably experienced with the software, the website, and proper procedures. I've used F@H before, and several other projects for BOINC and for mining crypto.

I am not seeing my username show up on the stats board at all. Period. The user does not exist. I swear, I've double, triple checked everything. My email, the passkey, the punctuation of the username, the team I signed on with (Curecoin #224497), I've exhausted what I would assume I need to check.

Do I need to wait until my computer finishes a certain amount of tasks before I appear in the stats page? More importantly, is my computer producing anything at all for my username? Because the system is running fine, I usually leave it at FULL power, the Passkeys match, they're verified, the Username and Team both show in the software. The team link directs to the site properly, but my User is not found.

Any suggestions? I tried searching other posts, but the only one I found sounded vaguely or loosely related to my specific issue. The website just flat out doesn't list me, either with correct or incorrect casing.
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Re: Issue With Listing on Stats Board

Postby Spawnandjesus » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:01 am

Issue appears to have resolved itself. I am now visible on the Stats page. All information is correct. I guess I just needed patience. lol

It may be useful to advise newcomers that they must have completed work units before appearing in the stats page. Sorry for taking up everyone's time. XD
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Re: Issue With Listing on Stats Board

Postby Joe_H » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:04 am

That is in the FAQ, and posted a number of other places. It has also been mentioned many, many times here in the forum. If you have a suggestion for a better place to post that you only get points for work completed and turned in, please do make it.

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