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Re: Folding again

Postby 100%VG » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:20 pm

bruce wrote:MS did update one of my machines about a week ago and screwed up OpenCL so your "between" scenario is probably true. Were you up-to-date in accordance with GeForce Experience?

Yes. Getting the driver from GeForce Experience got me up and running again. However, the Protein Screensaver still does not stay animated for more than a few seconds.
bruce wrote:I was actually expecting this to happen. I'm gathering information to see what FAH Development can do to avoid this problem. I needed to reproduce the scenario that others have been experiencing and I had intentionally reverted to an older set of drivers.

NVidia often has newer WHQL drivers that the minimum that satisfy the Windows Update minimum. It mas been my policy to install newer drivers so that whenever MS increases their minimums, I'm already running that level. This avoids the inevitable WU crash produced when I allow Windows Update to do the install/reboot, plus it allows me do to it at a more opportune time that whatever MS selects.

I always accept a GeForce Experience Update when they become available. I guess this is how I have avoided the "dirty deed" that MS pulls on my main PC.

You should have access to my email, but you could always send me a PM too (I get email notifications of events here :mrgreen:) if you ever want me to do anything at all to help you with whatever I can do, any time at all.
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