WU's Not Being Assigned

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WU's Not Being Assigned

Postby noob_for_life » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:44 am

I have restarted and I'm still not receiving work units. The Chrome page works fine. But, FAH Control just shows lots of

07:02:17:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Could not get an assignment
07:20:14:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
07:20:14:WARNING:WU00:FS00:Failed to get assignment from '': Empty work server assignment
07:20:14:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
07:20:15:WARNING:WU00:FS00:Failed to get assignment from '': Empty work server assignment
07:20:15:ERROR:WU00:FS00:Exception: Could not get an assignment

In the log
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Re: WU's Not Being Assigned by

Postby Ricky » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:26 am


Do you have 7 threads for your CPU that you are trying to fold in slot 00? If so, it is hard to get assignments that work with primes larger than 5. If this is your issue, you can try the 7.4.16 client that will automatically reduce the slot setting for work units that are available, or you can manually reduce the slot setting in the 7.4.4 client to a value that has no prime factor larger than 5.
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Re: WU's Not Being Assigned

Postby Joe_H » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:26 pm


I have split this off from where you posted, your problem is unrelated to that topic. The two Assignment Servers your system have been connecting to are not able to match your configuration with available work on Work Servers, that is the meaning of the "Empty work server" message. The topic you posted in was about specific Work Servers not assigning work after the AS had connected the client to them. Ricky has given you the same information as Bruce gave to you in response to your previous post with the same problem - viewtopic.php?f=96&t=30040&p=295841#p295841.

A quick way of determining if this is your problem is to pause the CPU folding slot, change the setting of the slider and then resume. If the slider is set at Full, move it to Medium or Light. The log should show the client requesting a WU for a CPU thread count that is a multiple of 2, 3 and/or 5. Multiples of primes larger than that will not get assigned WU's using the 7.4.4 client, the newer beta client 7.4.16 has code to negotiate with the AS for a WU with a CPU thread setting that is as high as possible up to the number set in the request.

Or you can post the first 100 or so line of your log to show your system info and configuration. We can make suggestions based on the information that shows.

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