help me to understand the score

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help me to understand the score

Postby cariboni » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:49 pm ... =&u=738438

this is my id, midgnight i receveived 638338 ppd and my score total was 1.868,752

day 23, i earned 638338, for 3 jobs :

2308-3pm - 41.055
2308-6pm - 49.467
2308-9pm - 547.816
the sum is = 638338, its a match!!!

but today, i have no match

now, i have 2,183,732, then from midnight until now, 314,980 ppd, like the site says in points today, BUT its WRONG
i did 4 jobs today

08.24, 9am 91,153
08.24, 6am 127,203
08.24, 3am 96,624
08.24, 12am 129,211

the sum is = 444,191

where is the points drom 08.24,12pm ???? missing? stolen? lag?

help me understand

thanks all
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Re: help me to understand the score

Postby bruce » Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:12 pm

The sequence goes something like this:
1) You run FAHClient to process a WU.
2) You upload the WU's results to a Work Server.
3) The WS records the actual points (which may differ slightly from the estimate reported by your client).
4) A server process collects the points from the various WS, adds them to the master database and publishes that information on
5) Third party sites like extremeoverclocking collect the totals from Stanford and republish them in a more sophisticated display.

What can go wrong?
* In step 2, your results can fail to upload.
* in step 4, the process that accumulates the grand totals can fail.
* In step 5, EOC may miss an update.

If step 2 fails, the client will retry periodically or the upload may be aborted due to an unrecoverable error.
If step 4 or 5 fails, be patient, because eventually it will succeed.
In very rare instances, we find a bug in any of steps 1-4 and we take them very seriously.

FAH's log on your computer will report the status of step 2. If that's where the problem is, see below.
There were other reports of difficulties with step 4, but they have been corrected.
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Re: help me to understand the score

Postby bollix47 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:03 pm

On EOC the midnight entry that shows as
Code: Select all
08.24, 12am   129,211   13
is actually part of 08.23's total not the 24th.

When you say jobs you mean EOC updates. The actual number of jobs that you ran in the above example is 13 ... i.e. 13 work units were processed for that update.
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Re: help me to understand the score

Postby Joe_H » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:21 pm

Expanding on the explanation for steps 4 & 5, the collection entering of points for WU's is done at the beginning of each hour. As part of that process, flat files of all donor and team contributions are created for use by third party stats such as EOC. In the case of EOC, those are collected every three hours and published on the site.

At each step a delay occurs, so under normal circumstances it can take an hour or two for a WU to be entered into the master database at Stanford, then additional time before showing up on EOC.

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