FAH can't receive WUs

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Re: FAH can't receive WUs

Postby toTOW » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:30 pm

All modern NV GPUs support DP (although at a very degraded speed sometimes). NV species classification is a mess and I don't remember the significations of the species, but I'm certain about AMD one which is pretty simple :

3 or less : no OpenCL support to run FAH
4 : can run FAH, but no DP (no WU available since ages)
5 : DP is supported (current minimum requirement to get WUs)
6 : brand new species for Navi to avoid core 21.

See my post here (for AMD) : viewtopic.php?p=310090#p310090

There might be some remains of old classification that could explain why it's not always true, but last time I checked, it was set (or I set them) as above for at least all desktop and workstation GCN GPUs. I think mobiles GPUs fall into this category of older classification ...
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