Installed FaH Client on Zorin OS 15.2 (For AMD GPU)

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Installed FaH Client on Zorin OS 15.2 (For AMD GPU)

Postby AmunRa » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:24 pm

Got FaH Client (v7.6.9) running on a kernel modified Zorin OS 15.2 recently (Ubuntu 18.04 derivative). I would like to share the steps for anybody who would like to try.

*Latest Zorin OS 15.2 - Core Edition - has v5.3 Kernel, atm.
*Latest AMD GPU Linux Driver - Radeon Software for Linux Driver for Ubuntu 18.04.4 HWE Revision Number 20.10
*FaH Apps (Debian|Mint|Ubuntu v7.6.9) -

*Install Zorin (installed mine with nomodeset)
*Download AMD GPU Linux Driver. Extract after download.
*After extract, look for the amdgpu-pro-install file. Edit with textpad that file, look for restrictions: "ubuntu|debian|mint". add "zorin". Save.
*Open a terminal from that extracted folder & run ./amdgpu-pro-install
*Install clinfo to check, it shouldn't be 0 (for the opencl).
*After install, proceed with the installation of the FaH apps.
*FaH apps will ask details, just input them if you have all (donor, team, passkey).
*Open the system directory, look for /etc/fahclient folder & open a terminal there. gedit the xml.config, check if the details if correct. You can also substitute "CPU" into "GPU" as folding slot. Save.
*Click on the shortcut & start "GPU" Folding.

*If FaH Client it on the loop or other apps wouldn't load up opencl, try to upgrade the kernel. Use Ubuntu Kernel Mainline (forked from ukuu) -
**ukuu now is a paid app.

Happy Folding Guys. Stay Safe & Healthy. GTG, need rest. :)

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