Installation clarification?

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Re: Installation clarification?

Postby Jesse_V » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:07 am

bs_texas wrote:But, just on a whim, I did a ps -A | grep FAH and then fah and discovered that fahcore_a4 was a running process and FAHClient was a running process. I ran top and there was fahcore_a4 at the top and FAHClient just a few process below. I did -nothing- to launch them. And I have no idea where they launch automatically as processes. Of course, I saw them running there, but there was no way to tell anything about what they were doing.

They were launched by the F@h software. It's normal. The client consists of several components that all tie together:
FAHControl - GUI, can control local and remote folding clients.
FAHViewer - 3D viewer for the WU's protein being processed.
FAHClient - application which manages FAHSlots. FAHClient can be run in the command line without FAHControl.
FAHSlot - can be of uniprocessor, SMP, or GPU type, can download cores and upload WUs independently
FAHCore - the highly technical software that performs the actual calculations on the Work Units
Work Units - data containing the protein and other information

So those are normal processes.
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Re: Installation clarification?

Postby 7im » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:18 am

Glossary lesson aside, and as mentioned previously, fah on linux gets installed as a service. But it won't run unless certain dependencies are met. Upgrading didn't remove the fah service but did fix the deps allowing fah to run now.
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