Core 21 Projects spamming BAD_WORK_UNIT failures

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Re: Core 21 Projects spamming BAD_WORK_UNIT failures

Postby bruce » Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:29 pm

To follow up on what JohnChodera has said, with an urgent fix like this one, FAH cannot test the new core against all previous versions of the drivers. That only happens when the new software gets "out in the field" and somebody reports it. I notice that you did NOT report what driver you were running when you encountered the problem. I that information had been included in the problem report, it would be possible for the issue to be addressed by retrofitting a test machine with those drivers and then debug whatever conflicts are encountered. I can't promise when, or even if, that might happen but it certainly isn't possible if they don't have the necessary information for them to test that specific configuration.

Rel25917 was unsure of his failing version anf finally settled on 368.22 on win7. Did anybody else have trouble with another specific version?

(As noted, the released FAHClient does not have the capability to detect what version you're using, so they can't exclude you from assignments, but I suppose it's possible that they can find something else that needs to be fixed in a future FAH revision to avoid a secondary cause of the symptom that applies to less common driver versions.
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Re: Core 21 Projects spamming BAD_WORK_UNIT failures

Postby Alec » Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:09 pm

I had the same trouble running two GTX1070 on Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12.04) with driver version 367.27, client V7.4.4. Average PPD was always over 1500K.
When the core version 0.0.18 came, I had to install the recent linux nvidia driver -- 375.26. Everything is working OK now, but average PPD has dropped down to 1300K.
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